exercise for lymphedema treatment/prevention & strengthening immune system

Hello all

I don't actually have lymphedema, but due to having 19 lymph nodes removed I'm doing everything I can to prevent it and just to get as fit and health as possible in general.

I just wanted to share something I found which may be interesting and useful.  I have been doing lots of researcjh into the best exercise to do and have just discovered rebounding.

For anyone who doesn't know, this involves bouncing, running, jogging, twisting on a mini trampolene.  And I have to say that I LOVE it!  It's really easy to do, gets you surprising out of puff and seems to give me tons of energy - plus you feel like a big kid!.  

There are tons of articles about it's positive effects on the lymph system and the immune system.  Just google 'rebounding health benefits' and 'rebounding lymphedema'.  There are also exercise routines on Youtube that you can follow. 

I'm no doctor, so do your own research (particularly if you have lymphedema) but for anyone interested i'd definitley recommend giving it a try.  We are told so little about how to prevent these conditions :) 


Big love to everyone fighting the fight.

N x

Thanks nellie.  I am always looking at stuff that may help with immunity, as I was so surprised the hpv got me as I am so healthy otherwise. Not very often ill at all. I have been looking into how vitamin d could be a factor in immunity...a little known concept. I was very deficient prior to diagnosis...anyone else found anything out? I am grasping onto anything that could help prevent it coming back...

Ooh this is interesting! Will definitely look this up- I have an appointment at clinic on Wednesday as I have been getting swelling on one side of my pelvis and I am worried it might be lymphoedema. Specialist nurse on phone said it might have been starred because I have been jogging recently! So annoying!! Anyway she asked a Macmillan support worker to contact me about suitable exercise and it doesn't mention this so I will look into it! A lot of the classes she sent me info about are during the day and I am now back at work full time.

really hope I haven't got lymphoedema! Been trying so hard not to get it! Xx