Exercising after Radical Hysterectomy

Hi everyone,

i'm entering my 5th week of recovery of radical hysterectomy. Prior to this being done I was in the gym everyday, running and swimming. I know I have to take it easy and just wanted to ask how everybody else eased themselves back into some form of exercise.  I don't want to overdo it, as last week I felt great, walked loads and then was bleeding that night. I know I have to listen to my body, but it's hard when you feel OK to do stuff. I've asked my Macmillan nurse and all they say is gentle exercise, what's that? Gentle exercise for me could be strenuous for somebody else, I'm confused. 

I don't want to sound like a fitness freak, but it does help me clear my mind. 

Thanks in advance xxx

Hi there. 

For someone who is used to doing loads of exercise it can be difficult on how to manage creeping back into a regime. Start a journal with what you do that day and how you felt about 5 hrs after and the next morning. Start a rating system. Each day you feel good then slowly increase the amount of exercise. You will get there but it does take time. I started to also do breathing and mindfulness techniques that helped me stay focused and centered which is what a good hard exercise did for me but I couldn't do for awhile after treatment. 

Keep slugging at it slowly and before you know it you'll be right back to where you were. 


Thanks Hun, that's such a good idea. I've decided to go back to the gym on Monday and start with some gentle swimming. Not my usual 100 lengths of front crawl! Lol! if that goes well I may start walking on the treadmill the next day and so on......

everyone just keeps saying relax, chill out, wish I could be off work...etc, but this is not just me!!! I'm normally so active and busy with work. Watching TV and box sets is getting on my bloody nerves!  Keeping my fingers crossed it goes ok xxxx