hi girls, Im living in Ireland and cant get the sylk lubricant over here I need something for the dilators I have looked at a natural lubricant in Holland and Barrett has anyone used it or have any recommendations im a bit weary of using anything else thank you

Hi there,

i used KY Jelly and it did the trick 



Is amazon an option for u? I ordered some from there recently! I was advised to get it on prescription but decided to spare myself and decided to have it delivered to my home discreetly, kinda helps me deal with it all....mite be worth looking at? Don't think it was expensive at all xx

Can I please ask if anyone has spotting after the dilator, I have been using it religiously but have ever so slight spotting straight after, hoping to hear that others do to??

Hi Wendy. I do most of the time I use them - occasionally afterwards I'm 'spot free'. For me it's (sorry, tmi alert!) light pink bleeding on the tip of the dilator, and occasionally when I then wipe after the toilet. The consultant didn't seem t think this was unusual and I've had internal exams and MRI that were NED. I was initially using them every 3 days, as the nurse said that was enough and then to go for just a couple of times a week. However, the spotting was worse with this and I felt sore every time, so I now use then every 2 days for a couple of minutes with lots of moisturiser and that seems to be working. I also find that if I've been dashing around or standing for long periods in the day that the spotting is worse on the dilators, I guess that's just increased blood flow or pressure on those poor fragile radiated blood cells! It's always worth checking with your nurse though, as it might be that something's not quite healing up there and a different approach or different dilators might be helpful. 

Anne xx