So, I thought I’d have a go with the dilator tonight as it’s been 3 weeks since my treatment (well tomorrow ).
I used the smallest one and it went in with no problem. I felt it touch the top of where it could reach which I presume was my cervix. All was fine.
Unfortunately, when I went to wash it there was some blood at the top but I expected that. What I didn’t expect was when I went for a wee, I wiped myself and a big blob of blood came out. Then some lighter bleeding. It says in my book that some light bleeding or spotting can be expected and is nothing to worry about but I’m now worried about this blob as it’s the same as the blood I was losing prior to diagnosis.
I will ring the nurse tomorrow but I just wanted to get it off my chest.
I wondered also if this happened to anyone else x

Hi Philleepa

I've been using the dreaded D's for 2 weeks now & progressed to size 2 the last couple of times I've used them. 2 weeks ago I did the same as you say & inserted with Size 1, managed 6 minutes but found it very painful when moving the dilator side to side. I progessed to Size 2 in the fear of the up & coming internal for my 6/7 wk check on 1st April. I managed 10 minutes the other day but do get alot of pain during & after use. I always have to lie down for a good hour afterwards to allow the internal 'stinging' to ease. 

I also have the same blood on dilator as you & had to wear a panty liner for the rest of the day because of spotting but didn't have anything else until I moved up a size when I did then have more than just spotting and a blood clot. When I'd rested then gone for a wee and wiped myself. I was thinking it was maybe from the bleeding when I'd previously used the D's & didn't think anything of it so I hope it turns out yours is the same & you can rest easy again.

There is always something there in our minds that 1 thing can spark a panic & a justified 1 too. Unless you are going through the same, people can't understand it, well I do, I'm on your side of the fence.

I hope the nurse can put your mind at ease & reassure you that this is just another lovely side effect that we must undertake to fight our way back to normality. I am pleased to hear that the Dilator isn't causing you any pain or discomfort as I find it very painful & makes my Cystitis symptoms worse for the rest of the day. Today is D Day too : (   (my husband calls it that to try & inject some humour into another crappy proceedure/side effect that has taken over our lives ar the mo)

Take Care Philleepa & persevere with the D's



Hiya :-)

I'm not 100% sure about this but to the best of my understanding radiotherapy makes the vagina walls thinner and drier than they were before treatment and this is why we sometimes bleed a little. I think that is also what causes the 'stinging' you describe Designerflo.

Anyway, I wish you both all the best with your endeavours :-)

Be lucky :-)

Hi Tivoli,

Thanks for the info, I never thought of that & think you are right about why I have the stinging. I must use more lubrication....   Hope you are keeping well  XxxX


Hi Mel, 

I watched the dvd that I was given by a Radiotherapy nurse which said 5-10 minutes every other day for up to 5 years!! so I have just been doing that. I'm on size 2 but no where near ready for size 3!!  dread the thought of that but I am trying to get ready for my check up on 1st April at which I've been told I will have an internal exam : (  

Good Luck for your results in April, you are just a few weeks ahead of me. 

Xxx  : ) 



Hi, thanks for everyone's replies.

I decided not to call the nurse - I think I'm fussing over nothing. This will be me for the next few years!!!!! 

I read through my booklet and I shouldn't start till 4 weeks after treatment so I'll put it on hold.

When j did it, the first one went in pretty easily but tbh (&far too much info) since having my children I've always said it's like a bucket down there. My middle child had a massive head and I think he stretched me beyond belief!!!!!! 

I'm desperately trying not to panic but it has made me feela bit down. I've got  bit of a bad back which started on Sunday which is something I had before diagnosis.  I can't imagine that the cancer would come back quire so quickly though to cause me problems. My head is saying that my back is bad for one of 2 reasons, firstly I've been doing a lot of walking in my new wellies - I know that sounds mad but tgey are calf height and causing me to walk slightly differently to normal or because we went to the beach on Sunday and I jumped down off a wall - I may have jolted it. Not only that but it was freezing and I think that could gave caused it. Whatever it is, I'll be going to see my consultant in 3 weeks and she'll hopefully put me right. 


Hi ladie,the bad back is a side effect as the radio can affect your bones. I suffer really badly with a bad back and it's becoming a lot more frequen now every day in fact. I had an xray and this showed up nothing and my doctor advised me it will be due to the radio. So please don't worry but also don't suffer too go to your doctor for pain relief I find a hot water bottle is a god send!

with the radio also it causes the opening to narrow and the lining grows and can close up which is why we have to use the horrible stick things what your doing when using them is almost like shaving the lining away which is why you will get some bleeding. This is what's been explained to me.i am petrified to use mine because I still have pain every day down below but this is pain in my pubic bone like nerve pain and I'm not coping with that so I don't want to add to it with using them things. I think they're vile....I know I've got to use them but I can't bring myself to.

Thanks carmel, you just worry everything is the cancer don't you. I'm trying to put it to the back of my mind.

With the diatoms I was expecting a bit of blood, it was the blob that worried me. I'lltry again Wednesday and phone the hospital helpline on Thurs if I have the same x 

I wish I could give you advice re your pain but I haven got any x 

I hope you are coping well x 

Ummm, I hate to contradict anybody but I am quite sure that the dilators do not shave off the lining of the vagina, their purpose is just to gently stretch it. I also don't think that the lining can grow closed. It's just that it is no longer supple and stretchy so it stings if pushed beyond its limits.

Go gently :-)

Oh I don't know why I was told that then 

A misunderstanding perhaps? I do hope I haven't offended you Carmel, you are such a star! :-)

Oh no of course not! This forum is all about learning and helping each other.

you learn something new every day x

I had another go this morning while I had my face mask on! Lol.

This time it was a little bit more uncomfortable but there was no bleeding yay.

Oh Philleepa,

Sounds like another worrying ordeal for us to go through....why is nothing easy!?! 

I have my dilators locked in my drawer and am dreading starting to use them but know that there is no getting away from them lol I was told to have them in place 3 times a week for 10 mins at a time and that I'll have to do it for the rest of my life!!!!!

I still have 3 weeks until I start using them and ideally would want to be on the second size before my 6 week check up.

God only knows when I'll actually feel ready for sex!!!! 

Hope everything goes well for you.


Hi Pauline.  

After that first bleed I have not had any more. I managed quite easily on the 3rd one today - I honestly think I have a bucket - it's worrying. I'll keep on with size 3 for a while - I don't fancy that size 4. It's huge! 

I'm glad your treatment has gone well.  Welcome to the waiting game. .......

Hi Ladies,

I have persevered with the dreaded D's too Philleepa & just managed Size 3 for 3 mins so quite prpud of myself at the mo. Was uncomfortable but bearable. Size 4 is another matter!!         I have read 3 different things for how often so going for 10 mins, 3 times a week for 5 years.

 I am dreading my 6wk check-up (1st April) in case I have to have an examination!! It will be hard to relax & not tense up. When is your 1st check up Philleepa? 

Hope you are all staying strong & feeling the best you can.

Take Care


Hi designerflo. 

I'm doing good, managing to put it to the back of my mind to a degree. It is always thee but at the moment not freaking me out quite so much. Maybe I'm burying my head in the sand? Who knows but it's working for me.

Hope you are doing well too x 

My check up is the day before yours. In a way I'm dreading it but also it can't come soon enough x 

I'm fully expecting an internal so fingers crossed x 

Hi Philleepa

Am I right in thinking that its your 6weej check today?

Hope everything goes well and you have great feedback.

Please let us know how you get on.

Fingers being crissed for you.


Hi Philleepa I hope evrything goes well today thinking about you xx


I have just started using my dilator today so started with the smallest one and even tho it went in ok (did put loads of lube on) I only got about half way in before it started to feel sore. Is this normal?? I'm guessing I need to get it all in is this right?? 

any help would be great 

ps had my 6 week check up this week and didn't have any checks was just a general chit chat about side effects and what would happen at my 3 month review xx