Diet after treatment

Hi Ladies,

I was just woundering if any of you have changed the way you eat. I have read so much that sayes we should eat differently in order to keep the cancer away. Does any one know if this is true. Has any of you changed your diets or do you eat whatever you want. I just want to do everything to try and stay cancer free.

Thank you :-)

1b1 squamous cell, radical hysterectomy, path report showed parametrial lymph node, restaged to 2b, 5 chemo and 25 radiation, last one may 1st 2017.

Me I just eat what I want xx 

The advice I was given was to eat healthily, with lots of green veg, to help my body recover and to boost the immune system. I don't think that's necessarily to keep reoccurrence at bay - although it can't hurt!- more just general advice to help a body that's been through the mill to recover. In my case, I've reduced sugar, caffeine and dairy and now eat a ton of fruit and veg. However, that's not because of any evidence that it will keep cancer at bay, it's just that I've found that particular diet suits my system better and I feel healthier for it. I'm also taking turmeric and Vit D capsules - I've heard it's been suggested as anti-cancer, but my GP actually recommended it as it apparently helps with inflammation and some of the joint problems you can get with menopause. Everyone's different though and post treatment gaining weight again/losing weight/helping your bowels settle may be the focus of your diet, it all depends on your own body - just focus on finding ways to feel as well as you can, as that'll hold you in good stead in many ways. Xx


I asked my dr about this at the hospital and they just said everything in moderation. When I was first diagnosed I hardly ate as I was so paranoid that all the things I was eating were bad.

Now I am much better but I would say I have tried to overhaul my diet, firstly to see it made me feel better in myself and secondly so that my body is getting as much of the nutrients it needs to stay healthy. There is a really good dr who does podcasts called Dr Rhonda Patrick who I have listened to - she is very scientific in her language etc but I found her advice useful as she really explains what compounds in certains foods can help the body to be healthy. 

I have also spoken with a dietician I know but tbh I don't agree with some of her advice such on things such as sweeteners. I would say food has become my way to feel in control but no in a eating less food way just that I am trying to look for nutritional value in the things I am consuming opposed to calories etc. I have been trying to eat less red meat, sugar and processed foods. I also try to have a couple of kale (contains sulphorofane which is apparently good for cellular health), banana, bluberry, oat milk and chia seed smoothies. 

I would say obviously food is not magic and nobody knows what will happen tomorrow so I hope I have not offended anyone. This is just what has helped me feel sane whether it makes me healthier who knows. xx


i try so very hard to eat fruits and veggies but honestly I'm not a fruit kind of girl and veggies make me run to the loo! So, that leaves me kind of stuck. I have tried different veggies and even salad goes through me so I stick with my bread and cheese. Lol. Oh.... and chocolate. Life is too short to leave out chocolate. 

Everyone is different if you can eat healthy and feel it is best for you then do it, if you cannot or do not think it helps then eat what You want.