Hi Girls,

Just wondering if there is any website that you know of for foods that may be beneficial I finished treatment about two weeks ago I have a scan coming up in two weeks and I am eating some fruit every day but apart from that nothing particulaly healthy Im not even drinking water as it made me sick during treatment and put me off it…does anyone have any recommendations for a smoothie that might be good to have, Im starting to feel a little guilty and paniked I swore I was going to get really health conscious but hasnt happened yet!! Are you girls on here eating healthy or do you feel diet has any effect on the overall outcome


Lol :) 

we all make promises to ourselves then break them x

Fruit is ok but you'd be better with a well balanced , unprocessed diet . I eat organic and I avoid wheat and gluten . I also take vit supplements . Can't really help with smoothie recipes as I make them up with whatever I have bit there are loads of sites with free recipes and ideas xx

blesssings Michelle 


im a week done treatment, I'm trying to go back to eating my pre-treatment diet which was a pretty healthy diet to begin with, my bowels still are not able to process to much fruits or veggies. I'm trying to eat more and more everyday as I have missed my smoothies, grilled veggies and whole grains. So, if you are only 2 weeks done I would not worry too much about it just yet. I do think you should try to drink more water. I add some lemon slices to help with the taste and to get some vitamin c. 

In my opinion, a healthy diet helps your overall health but will eating something or avoiding something keep cancer at bay. No!!!!

I'm so amazed that people believe these claims about a certain foods or things that will prevent cancer or eliminate it. It reminds me of those 1800 bottles of tonic that travellers would sell to villagers. Lol. 

I ate very healthy before I was diagnosed with cc. So, my goal is to just be able to live a happy healthy normal lifestyle and not be obsessed over a diet or get stressed over not exercising enough. 

i honestly believe the hardest part of this journey with cancer is the mental part. It totally messes your head up in so many ways. Finding the mental strength to not go crazy is the worse part. 


I'm hoping and praying that food does have an effect!  

I try to eat better simply because I have no control over my health so at least this makes me feel I'm doing something. 

My smoothies are a different mix every day of berries, kale, beetroot, orange, coconut water, kiwis, ginger and bananas. 

I drink water, green tea and my homemade ginger tea which is made of water, ginger, tumeric and lemon. I've also discovered twinnings  (I think) ginger tea, it's delicious. 

I was told that keeping your body alkaline can restrict the growth of tumours. Things like lemon and ginger apparently keep your body alkaline, how true it is I don't know. 

I've cut down on sugar and I try to get out in the fresh air as much as possible x 

I just eat crap and lots of it lol! ive got a crap cupboard and I keep it full as I'm always rummaging through it lol! My body is going to do what the hell it wants (it does) so I'm just enjoying eating what I want as I am trying to gain weight but my weight seems to stick at 7stome so I'm eating more crap lol - I am eating more veg whee I can and fruit but your bowls will be playing up for a while if they're anything like mine! and I am almost a year post treatment....I've read things like califlower  good for your kidneys and I forgot what else - I have issues with my kidneys but they're getting better xx