Diagnosed 2 days & going back to work. Don't know how to tell people or what to do

I was diagnosed with cancer on Monday, 2 days ago. Within a month of having a routine smear test. I'm on my way to work and I don't know what to do!

My boss & line manager have been amazing and said to take all the time I need but I'd rather be busy than sat at home crying. I just don't know what to say to people when I get there. People are going to realise something is up but how do I tell them? They are all lovely and I love my job but I just don't know how to handle it. Right now I feel sick, have a headache and am likely to burst into tears at any moment!

How have other people coped? Am I going in too soon? I don't even know where my head is yet, it's all happened so quickly. I just want a bit of normality and something to occupy my mind. I know if someone asks me how I am today I'm going to burst into tears. I have a CT this Friday and an MRI on Saturday so I don’t even know what's actually happening inside me yet or treatment or anything. I'm just a mixed up mess and bundle of nerves and I really don't know what to do with myself


Hi, how did you get on today? I remember how weird and all over the place I was but having work to occupy me and lovely colleagues really helped. I had a code of 1 to 10 so if I was overwhelmed suddenly I would say I was a 7 or upwards and that was my colleague‘s cue to shut the door or put the kettle on so I could chat or have a little cry and take some time out. Everything is a whirlwind and rollercoaster but you will get through. Take care and we’re here for you xx

Hi, I was diagnosed in Oct 18. It is a completely overwhelming feeling and It’s very normal to feel that way. 

I work as a hairdresser and to tell everyone I made a group chat on messenger with everyone linked in and told them as much information as I knew. In that message I also put that I was finding it very hard to manage my emotions as everything was happening so fast.i also told them I didn’t want to much fuss (I just wanted to Have normality). I explained that some days I would need more support than others and agreed with them all if it was a bad day or situation I may need some support. My colleagues got me through the first part of waiting for results etc. For me it was a relief to tell them as I didn’t have to pretend that I felt ok when I really didn’t . During treatment I popped into work quite a bit because they made me feel more secure and safe. 

Saying it out loud and the waiting are the hardest parts.



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