Working with diagnosis

Recently started this crazy life of being diagnosed with cervical cancer and now playing the waiting game. Pap was done June 1 and apointment with gynocological Oncologist was yesterday. They did a COLP and I am sscheduled for LEEP or Cone Thursday the 22nd.  My question is what are your experiences with working while all this stress?  Am I allowed to feel overwhelmed and not feel like work is my priority right now? I've been off 7 days and tomorrow would be the 8th.  This was from diagnosis to first prosecute. Do I file FMLA or Disability? How did anyone else figure this out?  Everything is been stop go stop go so I'm confused. 


l am sorry to read your diagnosis and I completely understand why you feel overwhelmed.


You are allowed to feel anything at all! Have you been to your Doctor to be signed off as unfit for work? I have clawed the helpline before and they are ver good at giving advice. I am also told that Macmillan nurses are also a great support with practical advice and information. 



Hi Hun, I found that working kept me busy and took my mind off all the waiting. I think it helped telling my colleagues so that if I was having an off day they would understand. I'm now at home recovering from a radical hysterectomy. I thought that by not taking time off before treatment my boss would be more understanding during my treatment (if that makes sense). We have a policy where we don't get paid whilst off work, but due to my circumstances, my boss is paying me full pay. (Bonus), less to worry about.  Goodluck with your journey xxxx