Cysts on liver

Hi all

Well I’ve been 1 year clear from recurrent Cervical cancer and as some of you may remember I had a recent CT scan due to some upper right side abdo pain , I was rang by McMillan Gyneacology nurse with the CT results who was really pleased to say all clear. Well I’m still clear / no evidence of disease , but yesterday I went for one of my routine check ups with the Gyneacology oncologist , I mentioned again I still have the right side upper abdo pain and infact on a couple of occasions it’s been worse , kind of a stitch type pain that really stops me in my tracks , he examined me , went back to his computer brought up my scans and said well the scan was" normall " he then went on to say " well you do have cysts in your liver but they remain unchanged from your first scan 3 years ago." He said they are just cysts and are ok , I asked how he knew they were OK because he thought the cyst on my overary was " just a cyst and looked OK " and after waiting 3 months for an operation to remove it , it was actually not ok and was recurrence CC. He replied the cysts on my liver are unchanged and so as they are unchanged from my first scan 3 years ago they are ok , the " cyst " on my overary was a "new thing "
I’ve just lost a bit of faith in the chap because he told me my overary cyst was ok and it wasn’t , and I do know if it turns out to be cancer in my liver I’ve been told palliative care from that point . Although he says the liver cysts are ok I am going to be referred though to another team as I’ve been having problems with my bowels as well , but I’ve put that down to side effects of radiotherapy , never a dull moment hey !!
Just wanted to vent , I don’t like going on and on to family or friends and I don’t like to make them worry , sorry if I’ve waffled on !!

Hi greeni I'm really pleased to hear your all clear result, congratulations! I can totally understand how your confidence in the doctor has been knocked after what happened but if the cysts have remained unchanged for 3 years surely they're not anything dodgy. Good you're being referred though. Actually I think the liver spots must be quite common, my aunt had breast cancer 10 years ago, mastectomy chemo and radio and had some weight loss fatigue etc lately, had scan which showed something on her liver. We all thought the worst but actually turned out to be fatty tissue or something.  Anyway I hope you get some help with the bowel issues abd congratulations again on the all clear result, really so lovely to hear x

Hi Greeni :-)

You bring us your waffles whenever you like honey :-) I honestly think that livers just like to take the piss, to freak us out every once in a while, to put the fear of god up us. Bastards! In Greece it is possible to just walk in off the street, pay 60 Euro and get a total stranger to do you an ultrasound. A not-too-expensive way to get a second opinion. Is that possible in UK?

Be lucky :-)

Trust Tiv to live in a place where you can wander into a random place, drop trou, get coated in jelly and have a probe run over your body. I bet Tiv doesn't pay, I bet they give her 60 Euros for a peek of her bod!

You sure as shit can't do that in the good old US of A.

As for cysts - don't worry about them. Livers are very cysty, nodularish things. If it's not getting bigger, it's not doing anything but hanging out. I have something similar and it's nothing. I had a PET scan to double check, so you could suggest he orders one of those.

Take care

t xx

Teresa! Once again you make me cry laughing!

Remember, I live in the country where democracy, homosexuality/lesbianism and ouzo were all invented - very enlightened and liberal! :-)


great to hear your all clear again I understand that you have lost confidence in him with the ovary episode but 3 years is a long time with no change I kinda think he may be right but no harm in a second opinion if it helps you 

that so made me laugh Tiv and Teresa 

onwards and upwards 

live Michelle