Contradictory results- ais- ahcc

Hi girls,

Any girl who had hpv positive high risk with adenocarcinoma in situ through biopsy and colposcopy and had it all negative with no displasia at 2 other after different colposcopies (with biopsy) ? At the last negative colpo, she said when she was putting acetic solution the zone got very white acidophile ZT1 and glandular thing she was convinced about dysplasia. But the 2 biopsies with big rays she took came back negative of hpv and negative of displasia.
It says that I had « subacute and chronic endocervicitis lesions without notable Atypia or stratification ». I did the painful endocervical curettage in same time it says « there is no cytonuclear atypia neither genuine nuclear stratification ».

my gyn still want to do a cone surgery while nothing appears in the the 2 colpo with biopsy and curettage. She says sampling place biopsie matters. We don’t know if either your first gyn took it out, or our biopsies didn’t catch the AIS (total 5 biopsies for the 2 exams).
I believe it’s the AhCC I took made this difference diagnosis and clear all as only one month is between the first diagnosis of positive hpv 16 and 18 with AIS and the 2 other negative colposcopies with no dysplasia.
I didn’t tell them about ahcc and i took high dosage.

I don’t want to make myself remove part of my cervix and take the risk about my future pregnancy as I have no children yet. Plus they do the cone only by eye! Nothing guarantee they would catch the AIS is if it’s still there! It’s like the biopsies!

I’m lost please help thanks

Any updates x