adenocarcinoma in situ just diagnosed hpv 16 for 7 years scared

Hi, this is my first time posting on a forum.  I wrote a long post, but it got lost?  I will try to condense it.  I am 46, have had postive hpv 16 for 7 years, 2 colposcopies with benign results. Had pap early september, again atypical glandular cells hpv 16, same as past 7 years.  Had leep and D & C, adenocarcinoma in situ. Now scheduled for hysterecomy on nobvember 2.  Has anyone else had HPV 16 for that long, and then found AIS? What happens if they find more cancer during hysterecomy? Do they just remove it? Then what? I know leep is not 100% accurate with adenocarcinoma becuase it has skip lesions.  He is taking my fallopian tubes, uterus, and cervix. Do they always check lymph nodes? I have not had pet scans or anything else.  It is hard to ask questions because he is my boss and my surgeon.  My leep recovery was long.  I had an infection and then sick from the antibiotics. I also had bleeding 5 days post op that had to be stopped.  It's 3 weeks out from leep and still very fatigued  I have low WBC and neutraphils and am worried about recovery from hysterecomy and if they find more cancer. Anyone else have a similar situation? Any advice is appreciated. I am scared and don't know what to expecf. Thank you

Hi, I realize it has been a few months but I am in the same boat as you. I'm 42 now and had abnormal pap smears and HPV positive (including 16 and 18 strands) for 8-9 years at least with multiple colposcopies with benign results. After my 2nd child four years ago my new obgyn wanted to do a cone biopsy but after scheduling it i found I was pregnant; I had my third child a year ago and a few months later did the cone that uncovered AIS, focal. I decided to wait out and monitor it and had negative ECCs and HPV tests and normal paps. Yet, I am worried, skip lesions are still possible and I am done having kids. My doctor, which is one of the lead doctors in one of the best oncological hospitals in the US is ok with continuing this conservative treatment as long as I am ok with the risk...I don't know if I am ok with the risk anymore...I am now considering hysterectomy although I have many reservations about the side effects and the risk of this's not an easy decision.