I recently had a colposcopy  done and the results came back high grade dysplasia  and adenocarcinoma  in situ of the endo cervix. Nov. 9th I will have conization done. I am nervous but a dr. has told me there is only a super super small chance of invasive cancer. I feel so much better today after I called him because I had been freaking out the past week at the possibility. I've been obsessively googling. I read that it is highly suggested that people who have adenocarcinoma  in situ should get a hysterectomy  if child bearing is done. Is this true?

I am done having children so there is no issue for me but I just want to know if there is anyone who has been in the same boat. What did your dr. suggest? What did you do?



Hiya I've posted on the smear test discussion but seem to have had no response as everyone seems to have the cin 1,2,3 or hpv I had my smear and have been told suspected cc, as my glandular cells are severely abnormal I'm lookong for advise from people who have been through this, what procedue are you going through, glad you could talk to your Dr, I was told they only do hysterectomy it's it's travelled up in your cervix I'm not sure of this but my tbought a are with you and glad it's not invasive xx 

That was my exact diagnosis too. I had the cone biopsy last week still awaiting my results.  The dr said she took out a lot I hope it's all the bad cells, but it's hard not think positively.  

ihad a loop biospy on tuesday and he said he is sending me for a scan too?? not sure why, also sent my results as urgent and should be back within 2 weeks, how long did it take them to get back to you xx

I'm still waiting,  one test came back inculsive?? Not sure what to think about that. 

I'm still waiting,  one test came back inculsive?? Not sure what to think about that. 

TashaLouise, there are plenty of ladies on here and have had adenocarcinoma and have had fertility sparing treatments such as a cone biopsy or trachelectomy (I had this). Your treatment will depend on the stage and grade of cells. If in doubt though always question it and ask for a second opinion if you feel it is needed. Not every hospital is as proactive or experience in fertility sparing treatments and I have heard stories of people being told it is not an option and then getting a second opinion and being treated very successfully. Google Naomi Orme cervical cancer, very interesting and inspiring read which helped me when I was diagnosed. 

I had the cone biopsy, endocervical  Curretage, and endometrial sampling done yesterday. I was a bit crampy but am in no pain today. The dr. Said the cells are higher up in the cervical canal. He said I will find out the results in a week. He will let me know if we are going to do a hysterectomy or if it is too much for him to handle he will send me to an oncologist.

I am pretty nervous but my luck has to turn around sometime!

I am having fertility sparing treatment. My AIS was discovered after a Lletz picked it up. I have been told to have children immediately and have a hysterectomy