Colposcopy with biopsy soreness/pain

Hi, I got my second colposcopy and biopsy on August 22nd and I had the normal bleeding symptoms and they have stopped, but I started to feel a soreness in my lower right abdomen a few days afterward. I feel like this happened last time and eventually went away. I thought it was a bladder infection last time but they told me it definitely wasn’t when I did a test in the lab at my doctor’s office. It eventually went away on its own. I’m having the same symptoms and I feel like I have some relief from the soreness when I urinate.. is this normal to have? Is this a sign of infection after the colposcopy Biopsy? Did anyone else have a dull ache or soreness in the abdomen afterward? It definitely isn’t pain, but just not comfortable and doesn’t hurt to the touch. 

Hi there it could be a little infection or just from all the poking and prodding you could go back to your gp or try some probiotics and see if you get some relief from that xx hope that helps xx

Hi, did you ever find out what was causing your dull soreness in your abdomen? I'm experiencing the same thing and searching for answers.