Sore and worried after colposcopy

Hi, had a colposcopy 3 days ago after high grade abnormalities withHPV. Im 48, its the first time ive had one. Im feeling very sore, but not much bleeding. Is that normal? I had 3 biopsy done.

Hi Niisi,

I had a colposcopy back in July 2021 and had biopsies taken and it’s normal to feel a little sore. I didn’t have much bleeding after mine either.

It’s also natural to feel worried, it’s prob the worst part to be honest however try and stay positive. They don’t hang around with these things normally. I was also high grade and I was 48 and I had my results just over 2 weeks from my colposcopy.

If you are worried at all you can call the clinic for advice don’t forget and you’ve reached out on here where there will be lots of support too.

Sara x

Thanks, do you mind me asking - did you have to have any treatments after your biopsy?x

Hi, yes I had a radical hysterectomy in September as I did have cervical cancer that was contained in my cervix.

Please don’t think that this will mean you have it, it doesn’t.

From my experience they don’t hang around and treatment happens pretty quickly if you need it. X

I hope you are feeling better now, glad ti hear you got it sorted quickly.I had a a sub total hysterectomy 10 yrs ago- not cancer related just constantly heavy bleeding and pains- they left my cervix in because I was young and all smears clear- and it should be preventing prolapse- I wish they had taken it all out now!! Im going to call the clinic today for advice as I have bad low belly/ lower back pain since yesterday and it s not improving with pain relief.

Definitely call for advice as at least they can put your mind at rest or get you to go back in to be checked. Hope everything goes ok x

Clinic told me to contact Gp. She thinks I may have a infection after the colposcopy- on antibiotics and pain meds, hopefully will feel better when they kick in.