colposcopy result now meeting called

Hello I am looking for a bit advice , I went for colposcopy on June 4th where they took a biopsy and the nurse/doctor that done it , spoke to me after and said there be 3 options , the 1st being if it was not that bad to be go back for a smear in 6/12 months as sometimes it can chanfe on there own , 2nd option would be to have treatment (froEn ,burnt off ) or 3rd option wpuld be to call a meeting and work out what's best treatment and care did say tgis doea not happen very often . 

Well I recived my letter said I had CIN2 and they are having a meeting about my results for treatment and care , I just never seen or heard from people or on net where people have had a letter to say about a meeting to discuss resukts for treatment and care . Has this happened to anyone else and if so what was the outcome ? Its just all seems like a long waiting game of not knowing and on the info paper work it said anyone with cin2 or 3 woykd have treatment straight away , spouse just looking for some resureance and advice , 

cheers sam

Hi i got my resullts for Colposcopy 4 days after my biopsies were taken, but the nurse that phoned said they had a meeting about me the day before.

I got lletz treatment 3 weeks after the phone call, I had Cin 111, i have to wait 3 - 4 weeks for the results of the treatment, you will notice that it is a waiting game

good luck with everything x


Cheers but I have had no treatment yet , so it all weird and long waiting game. Cheers for ypur reply though


Hi Sam, When they say a meeting it means a meeting of the professionals who will discuss your case and then come up with a plan. elaine

sorry i should have said biopsies only were taken, it was going to be about 4 weeks for my treatment, but the nurse pushed my appointment to 3 weeks x


Ok thank you very much , I was just wondering they couldn't do treatment straigjy away than waiting foe the resukta from.that ? 

Many thanks


i was a bit like you i wished they did lletz there and then, im not sure if it was because i got a nurse for colposcopy biopsies even though it said i was getting a doctor, then a doctor did my lletz treatment x

Hi Sam


This has happened to me before. It is usually when the smear result does not match the biopsy taken. When I went, they offered me the option of a repeat smear in 3 months, or treatment there and then. I decided on the treatment (as it wasn't my first treatment and I din't want to wait any longer).

I assume they will discuss the discrepancies then give you a choice on which route you want to take.


I hope this helps.