Clinical Trial Interlace

Been recently diagnosised with stage 2b cc and been invited to take part in the Interlace clincial trials Anyone taking part in this and thoughts would be gratfully appreciated

Hi Debbie
Hope you are ok, I know this time can be worrying and I know my head got in a bit of a spin. I was diagnosed at stage 2b.
I’m on the interlace trial and started in January I got put into a randomiser which will pick you out for extra chemo or not. I was picked for the extra chemo and my treatment plan then became

  • 6 weeks pre chemo 5 weeks chemo, 25 external radiation and in patient for a couple of days for brachytherapy.

I didn’t even have to think twice about the trial and just said yes, anything that may help was more than welcome, and anything I could do to help women in the future was also in my thoughts ( I work in health so I’m always keen to help out on anything I can but others will think differently)

I found the process very easy and managed to sail through it, this is just me and others may have different experiences. you are getting the same treatment as everyone else at that stage (Gold standard) you will just be getting some extra chemo at the start if you get picked in the randomiser.

I’m now 6 months post treatment and have had a clear PET scan and a small thing on my MRI which we think is some scarring. you should have been given a number for the trials team and your specialist nurse, so please do give them a call to talk through any worries, I know its a lot to take in when you are first diagnosed and are asked to make decisions quickly.
People on the forum are a friendly bunch and will be here to chat or support you through this. :slight_smile:

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Hi @Debbie45
I’m on the interlace trial to, as peppie said it’s a lot of information take in!
Personally my thought process came down to the fact it seemed daft to turn down extra treatment and this is how they improve treatments, don’t get me wrong I was scared!
I was chosen for the extra treatment, unfortunately for me I had an allergic reaction to the treatment so couldn’t complete it all (read my story) but I felt totally taken care of and my trials nurse is amazing, talk to the trials team as they are happy to help you and won’t push you into making a decision.
Ultimately I’m glad I have taken part, it’s all results that go towards improving treatment, I would do it again, if you want to chat feel free to pm me.
Wishing you well on your journey xx


I to have been ask to do trial but have been told need to have scans done again as out dated dont know if worth putting treatment on hold for a 50% chance of getting the extra treatment

Any advice

And has anyone said yes to the trial and not had extra treatment or do they give placebos

I said yesterday to the trial and was selected to have 6 x introduction chemo before standard treatment.

Chemo sessions have already been booked and due to start next Thursday

Hope it all goes well

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I really want to do the trial only thing thats given me doubts is don’t know how long i will have to wait to start. Its really giving me a headache of what to do. I don’t want to make a decision i might regret. Ahhh😫

@Liggy dont panic lovely! They won’t make you wait very long and they certainly wouldn’t delay treatment at any cost to your health.
I think the decision to do the trial varies for each of us but it has to be your choice, I don’t regret being part of it, in fact my trials nurse has been my saviour for many things! They are there for you and willing to answer any questions you may have. Read through some of our stories that have done it or are in it (like I said before mines a slight disaster but I would still do it again!)
Wishing you well on your journey x

As i was choosen to have extra chemo my start date was sooner (within a week). The CT planning stage for the standard treatment would have taken a little longer.

Yes she said i could start next week but as i will have to have ct and mri again she didn’t know how soon i would get an appointment for them so that would delay everything

Hi Debbie
How are getting on with your treatment. Hope you are doing ok . Been thinking about you

Liggy :heart:

Hi Liggy

4 introd chemo sessions done and only 2 left before starting the standard treatment on Monday 5th December.

I have been lucky (so far) as not had any majority side effects.

How are you getting on?

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Glad you got through it with not to many side effects. start radiotherapy in a couple of weeks
Glad to be starting something now feel like all this waiting is coming to a end