Interlace clinical trial

hi , I was diagnosed 1/7/2015 after lletz, I've since had all the scans and due to lymph node involvement im having the chemoradiation , but I opted in to a clinical trial which I was randomy selected for this involve 6 weeks of induction chemo ( taxol and carbonating) prior to start the standard chemoradiation treatment. I had my first yesterday , so far not too bad , but I know it's early days  . I was just wondering if anyone else is involved or has heard anything about it 



My phone has a mind of its own , spelling is terrible lol I meant carboplatin!! 

I had stage 2b cc and was asked if I would like to take part in the trial but I refused only because I had a 6 month old baby I have now finished my treatment good luck with your treatment xxx

Hi I wasnt directly involved in interlace but I had induction chemo before a radical hysterectomy, apart from loosing my hair it was ery manageable. I didnt have any really bad symptoms from the taxol/carboplatin. When I for a scan to see if the chemotherapy had been successful and to see the surgeon to find out if he was able to perform the surgery the cancer was microscopic, all the pathology from the surgery came back clear, the lymph nodes, surrounding tissue, blood vessels and I was told they were even closed which was indicate no spread. The nurse also explained that the cancer "didnt have his coat" as the cell changes before it begins to travel and they are able to heck it for this. It was a very successful treatment and so far ive had to follow up appointments that were completely clear.


Charlene xx

Hi cvs , yeah I don't blame you i wouldn't have done it with a young baby , hi Charlene , that's good hear about the symptoms I feel ok I thought it was maybe the calm before the storm lol . I'm usimg the cold cap as it's supposed to be quite effective with taxol , but time will tell . Did you use the cold cap ? 


Sam xx


I have been diagnosed with adenocarcinoma and will see the oncologist on Tuesday.   I have been told by my CNS that I have been chosen for this trial too, 6 weeks of chemo followed by 5 weeks of chemo-radiotherapy then two weeks of internal radio..... I am pretty terrified and I discovered that as Im a nurse I cant work during Chemo because of the risk of neutrapeic septicaemia..... So goodbye income too !!!! 

So so glad to hear you are coping well with the treatment....whats a cold cap ??

Hi Stormy-wave :-)

Really sorry to hear about the loss of income, presumably therefore you can claim sickness benefit? Do you have any kind of health insurance? You might be able to make a claim there also. A cold cap as far as I understand it reduces the probability of hair-loss. Whilst the Cisplatin chemo which seems to be standard in combination with radiotherapy rarely causes hair-loss I think that the Taxol-Carboplatin combination tends to, so if that's what you will be having for the six weeks prior to the chemo-rads, that'll be the time you might want a cold cap, but I am no expert on this, so do ask your CNS

Be lucky :-)

Hi Sam I'm trying to decide whether to opt into the interlace trial how are you finsing it? Did it take long from when you got selected for the treatment to start? Hope you're getting on ok! Kat

Hi all 

I just wanted to say that I opted in to the Interlace trial and yesterday I finished my last chemo as part of the trail. I start chemoradiation next week. For anyone wondering whether to  go on the trail I just wanted to say that I have absolutely no regrets about doing it. The chemo itself didn't effect me too badly and even the hair loss wasn't so terrible. The period of hair falling out was pretty traumatic but after a week I took the decision to shave it and I haven't looked back. I have even developed a new found love of head scarves! I found the decision to go on the trail incredibly difficult so I hope that posting this might put someone else in my position's mind at rest.