Treatment for stage 2b

Hi I had my meeting with consultant yesterday and was told I was stage 2b my treatment plan is 5 weeks of rads and chemo once a week for 5 weeks then an internal rads am just wondering has any one else had this treatment and what to expect thay have ask me would I like to do a trial called interlace am on two minds about this as il lose all my hair but am thinking it will grow back it only hair any advice would help thanks x

Hi Cvs :-)

I'm a 2b girl too! :-) OK so I had a radical hysterectomy first because that's how my local hospital wanted to deal with it and I understand that in UK it is customary to go straight to chemo-rads without surgery first. But that is really beside the point, I also had the five weeks of Cisplatin chemo and radiation followed by two brachytherapy (internal radiation). I don't know anything about an Interlace trial and I think that if I were asked to choose for myself that I would think of hair-loss as a very low priority. As you say, it grows back.

The whole process made me very tired, but not otherwise particularly unwell. I was put on a special diet because the radiotherapy can irritate your digestive system and in order to smooth things along I drank liquid aloe vera every day throughout my treatment. Towards the end of the treatment I did begin to develop a bit of diarhoea but nothing unlivable with.

I hope this helps but if you have any specific questions I am more than happy to answer them.

Be lucky


Thanks for your reply it was a shock to be told stage 2b grade 1 not sure what gradeing means I feel a bit more in control now my treatment starts inabout 2 weeks so more waiting :( x

If the interlace is like neoadjuvant then that is the treatment I had and as far as I'm aware it's still a trial from what I know some people have full chemotherapy and then the radiation or full chemotherapy and then a radical hysterectomy which was me :) I am a 2b girl too although just very slightly I'm told. I had the brachytherapy also which isn't too bad it's boring being in one postion but I didn't find it painful more uncomfortable and a bit restless being stuck there. have they told you if there is advantages to the trial? The advantages for me were that the pathology results would be more likely to be clear reduce local spread to lymph nodes and also treat the rest of the body, blood vessels etC. 


Any questions just ask. Charlene xx

Also as for loosing the hair it isn't easy by a long shot I felt like my whole identity became "cancer" I wore scarves as I didn't feel comfortable with a wig but everyone is different. You get your head around it very quickly mine came out and my head was shaved before I reached the second chemo. I had a taxol carboplatin combinatioN. I had very little side effects and was still up doing the school run as normal afterwards as long as you take the anti sickness and the steroids you shouldn't feel anything more than a bit easily tired out. My hair is now about 3 inches long and although slightly wavy and a bit wild I don't cover my head at all anymore that was a transition in itself after so many months of having something on my head, you get so used it like it's normal. Matching scarves with outfits you start to accessorise :)) xx

Thay never really said much other than it was a trail and somthink about the cancer retuning and that il Lose my hair to be truthful I was in shock at the time being told I was 2b when that we're saying thay Thourt I was early I need to speak to my consultant when I get my head straight I go and see her on Thursday when I get my tattoo dots done for rads thank you for your reply xx