CGIN diagnosis and worried

Hi, can anyone offer any words of advice or their experiences.....

ive never missed a smear but my most recent (November) came back abnormal. I had a colposcopy and the biopsy came back clear but my smear results showed high grade CGIN. I am booked in for treatment under GA in jan but I am so worried they’ll find something worse.

I had my hospital letter today for pre op assessment and (stupidly) Googled the name of the dr. He is a gynaecological oncologist which has made me panic that they know something I don’t andnits worse than I thought - am I being crazy? Is it always this sort of dr carrying out this treatment? 

Thanks xx

Hi there. I can’t give you any advice but hopefully just a sympathetic ear. I’m going through almost the same  thing. Smear suggested CGIN and CIN and colposcopist agreed. She did a Loop diathermy/LLETZ then and there- she did offer that I could come back but I was happy to to Get It done whilst there. I had mine under Local Anasthetic and it was by a nurse specialist so I don’t think a certain type of doctor always does the procedure but I’ve heard NHS does differ across the country. However this could be as it was just under LA. Also maybe it’s a different treatment. 

I wish I could be more helpful. All I can say is I would think they wouldn’t hide something from you if they knew as this would possibly be unethical (no expert though) so perhaps the Doctor is just well versed in these proecedures.

i wish you the best of luck! I’m waiting the results of the biopsies and lletz and I’m an absolute wreck as I’m convinced theyre going to find something worse. 

Here if you need to talk at all x


Hi. I also had CGIN so I understand your fear of finding something else as it's less visable. However, I wouldn't think that they would keep something from you, he's probably the Dr that was available that day. 

Thank you so much for your replies. I’m driving myself crazy with worrying. They did offer to try and do the treatment under LA but I’m such a baby that we all agreed that it was better if I’m asleep and they can get a good go at it without me being too tense. I’m pleased the treatment is arranged - ignorance is definitely not bliss here, but feels like this could be the start of a long journey. Everyone says not to worry and it’s common but i don’t think anyone understands unless they’re going through it.

wishing you the best of luck with your results, hope you get good news son so you can relax and enjoy Christmas xx

Looks like we’re all in the same boat here.. 

I had my biopsies today. My gyn onc explained to me 2 types of treatment: The cold knife cone biopsy done under GA or a similar procedure (I forgot the name) but done with a electro laser under LA.  In his opinion the cold knife gives a clearer view of the removed flesh as opposed to the ‘burned’ edges from the electro-thingy, but I think it comes down to the doctors and/or patients preference as to which procedure is performed. 

Good luck! I know the waiting is torturous! But I hope you have news soon.