CGIN and a whole lot of worries!!

Hi any help appreciated. I am so confused by this whole thing and left my appointments with a blank mind and tons of unanswered questions and worries once home. 

My GP has been very vague and im hoping to make an appointment to really get to grips with what Im dealing with. 

Age 25 I had my first smear in march and the result was "signs of precancerous cells" and I wssnt told anything else.  I was referred for a colposcopy which took place 1 week after my abnormal results.  I understand from this that I had the LLETZ treatment,  a biopsy and also a very painful "womb sample" which im not sure of the correct term.  Perhaps it was the endocervical sweep that I wasnt properly informed about (it was explained as a suction sample takrn from the womb").

I received a letter after a long 5 week wait and again it was vague. It said that the piece of skin was removed from my cervix and another smear would be needed at the hospital in 6 months.

I have just been for the follow up smear and was told that last time I had the more unusual CGIN which left me worried I was very rare, only finding this forum put my mind at rest that there are lots of others that go through this.

It meant that they used 2 types of brushes on the follow up smear and she also mentioned some cervical scarring.  I am now awaiting the results of this.

I feel so confused and alone with no information and have been researching this since she told me it was a glandular pre cancer change.  I have never been told if the CGIN is low or high grade or if my LLETZ treatment resulted in clear margins. I have also just been tested for HPV for the first time. 

I have a 4 year old little girl and all I can think about is a) not been able to have mire children as the word hysterectomy is thrown around a lot in here and b) the obvious worse case scenario. 

This forum has been a great help with my uncertainty


Hi Niccie,

sorry you're going through such a worrying time.

i feel like a stuck record because I keep telling people this, but I really think it would be worth your while contacting your GP. I know ladies are having a very mixed response at their surgeries, but my GP is always willing to look me up and see what results etc are on her system. Your previous results therefore should be there on your medical records, and your doctor should be able to tell you and explain to you the grade etc. they may even discuss it over the phone. 

DO NOT feel for one second that you are wasting their time. You should not have been left wondering about this! By chasing it up, you are actively taking steps to reduce your stress levels, something any doctor worth their money should be glad of. 

Big hugs, Molly xxx

Thank you mollz for the reply - I defo need to make that appointment but they are like gold dust at my surgery. Knowledge is power though every eventuality runs through your mind until you are told hard facts from a clinician. Finding this site is a blessing though has really educated me on the whole thing and good to see people looking out for others by sharing thier experiences 

Take care