Catch-up - Seven Year Post-Treatment

Hello Everyone!

Just to let you know that I am still alive and well (apart from being down in the dumps about having no job and no money).

It was a great day when my GP said in 2015 that I was no longer entitled to have 100% of my medical expenses paid by the Social Security (I live in France)!

I'm relieved to say that all my forebodings about the after-effects of chemo-radiation were just so much wasted time and worry.  

Since 2015, I've taken part three times in Luxembourg's "Relais pour la Vie" - once running and twice in the Survivors' and Caregivers' Lap and I note that all the big employers in Luxembourg are proud to have a team and make a big thing of their support.  Do they realise that cancer survivors are more likely to end up long-term unemployed?  My boss fired me when I returned to work and I've only worked for about 14 months in total since then.  They could make a more concrete show of solidarity by giving me a job!

Love to all of you




Hello to you too!

So good to hear from you. Sorry about the job loss, did you go to the "prud'hommes" ?

What a tremendous support you were back in 2010 and always with a great sense of humour.

i hope everyone else is doing well.

Big hugs and sante




Hi ladies 

I don't have much to add except to say thank you for taking the time to login and post. It's so nice to hear from ladies who have had treatment some years ago. Gives so much hope. 

Thank you and hugs. I hope things turn around for you soon Fatcat xx

Wow Fatcat great to hear from you, I was diagnosed the same time as you I think 2010. I am fine, although had few few hiccups with bladder and bowels over the years! I miss the old site, and the way it was set out so only occasionally pop in here to see if I can help anyone.

So glad you are fine and doing well

Hi everyone!

Just adding my name to the list of women who have been treated succesfully :-) I know sometimes a show of hands is required.

Be lucky :-)

Nice to hear from you as well.  I'm trying to keep my sense of humour.

The union were less than useless, didn't want to take the case because I said some very uncomplimentary things about the Big Boss when I was fired!  Ended up with a pathetic settlement and have found it very hard to get work since.  It's not that I don't realise how lucky I am to be a seven-year survivor with very little collateral damage - I'd like to have the funds to enjoy life a bit.

Still, I was in touch with a really nice guy in a temp agency who is going to help me out.


Big hug to all


Hi Katie

Yes 2010 seems a long time ago ... 

Nice to know that you're doing well, despite the bladder and bowel issues - I find it helps to take pre-emptive immodium if I know I might be far away from a loo for a long time.

Big Hugs


I remember you from 2010.

Glad you're doing well.


Big Hugs


Yes, we tend to get wrapped up in other things and people see we don't post anymore and might think the worst.

Big Hugs

Are a newbie on this site these are wonderful posts to see and gives me so much hope, well done ladies and long, long may it continue xxxxx