Brown discharge and pains

Hi. I experienced brown discharge 20 days ago which lasted 4 days. I have been experiencing the same brown discharge again for the last 5 days (approx 2 weeks after last time) it is when I wipe and on my underwear, and is sometimes stringy. I have been having spotting of fresh blood after I have sex with my husband  for  about 12 months it's never a lot and just spots of blood when I go to the toilet after . I have also been experiencing lower back pain on the left side whixh I assumed to be muscular but suffer from pain in the front lower pelvic area which makes me wonder if it's linked. I normally suffer more whilst exercising but recently experiencing some sharp pains even when walking. I don't have periods as on cerazette and I am not pregnant as done a test just to rule it out. 


if anyone has any views i would really appreciate you sharing them with me . 

Hi, when was the last time you had a smear and what was the result?

you should talk to your doctor about this asap!

Hi Beachgirl,

Alizee is right that you need to speak to your GP. You're obviously worried or you wouldn't have Googled yourself along to us. (Welcome! :))

Why don't you make an appointment tomorrow and try to find out what's going on? You know you've got some symptoms that need to be looked into. There might be nothing to worry about but only your doctors can tell you that. Make that call, Beachgirl!

Kirsty xx

It's probably nothing, but get your gp to check other wise you will worry until you have.  I had a brown discharge years ago.  Brown id just blood, that is not fresh.  I too has spotting when I was on Cerazette, it's not unusual.  It could be many things, and probably nothing, but let your gp decide.


i was wondering if someone can help me.. let me start from the beginning..

this year I went back on the depo injection in March, was only on it for like a month as that Relationship didn’t last long and I was spotting,  ever since then I’ve been getting a brown snot like gunk, its stringy. Sometimes I’ve had like a random period that has lasted like 10mins not even that. I’ve tried googling my symptoms and nothing is matching. The discharge doesn’t smell, I’ve just constantly got it. I tried going to family planning but they told me there is nothing they can do but go to the one I goleston.. ( that’s too far for me to travel ). I had a smear test last year when I was 26, do I need another one so soon? The test results were Negative. 

Everytime I wipe its there, mostly dark brown or occasions red. Please someone help me As I’m now feeling worried as it hasn’t gone.