symptoms question

Hi there :)

 I'd like to ask for your opinion. I tend to Google things which can cause more stress than anything else.

I had an abnormal pap last July. Gynae said slight abnormality. I was told to go back in 6 months. I went again last November and all was okay.

I've always spotted and had issues over the years.  TMI (sorry) ...last month after my period I had dark brown stringy discharge most of the cycle With lower back ache. After a while it went from being dark brown to a light brown and then I had my next period which just passed. 

My last period has ended and this time I've had no spotting/discharge. (Except the usual bit from ovulation).

I've had extreme back pain since Monday. To me it feels like a pinched nerve. When I walk I almost feel a weakness sometimes on some steps I take. Sometimes I get a hot burning feeling.

Ladies ... what is the back ache feeling you get with CC? Is it that period pain backache, pinched nerve feeling/dull ache? And also the spotting/discharge... is it light/heavy/have an odour?

Also .... TMI again... sorry... sometimes when I have a bowel movement I spot light pink from my vagina. It only lasts a couple of hours, it's just a little bit and then goes away. This doesn't happen often. What could cause this?

Thank you



Hey Jooki :-)

I'm so sorry to see that nobody has responded to you yet! I'm sorry too that I do not know the answer to your question but the best bet always for medical advice is to ask your GP. We're all pretty good for sympathy, support, advice but less good on the actual medical stuff.

Be lucky :-)