Brown discharge, painful periods...

Hi ladies,

I’m back on here again! Just when I thought things may be settling I have had some annoying symptoms.
Since my ops at the start of the year my periods have been hidious…2 days extremely heavy and pulling muscle pains followed by 7 days spotting. I was told it would take a while to settle after a laparoscopic. Then my last period was so bad coupled with being very emotinsl and bloated for a week, I booked a doctor’s appointment…The doctor asked me what I wanted her to do…surely she needed to tell me. She said not to take my break on my pill. So two weeks into taking my pill I begin to get period pains, head aches, back ache…then spotting, watery brown discharge.
Finally plucked up the courage to ring my consultant and have an appointment next week.
I am wondering if it could just be an imbalance in hormones and need a change of pill… do anyone have any experience with this sort of thing?

Hi Michelle.

i get spotting and cramps 2 days befor my period. I had a trachelectomy and I never used to get is. I know that I do not have cevical stenosis so this is not the cause. I am having blood tests at the moment to check my hormone levels. You can request that your GP do these tests. A common cause of pain after surgery is stenosis, which your consultant should be able to rule out. Tbh though it could be completely unrelated and harmless. My pain and PMT level changes on a monthly basis! I hope you get to the bottom of it xxx

Hi Michelle,

Oh no, sorry to hear this. Hope you are ok, and your Consultant is able to both reassure and help you next week. You did the right thing calling them 

big hugs


Thanks ladies, it helps to know others are having some similar issues. 

The way I feel at the moment it's like it is never ending. A painful heavy period for 3  days, spotting for a week, a clear week then period pains and brown discharge for a week so far . I'm off my pill on sunday and the whole thing starts again...It can't be right! 

I did ask about a blood test but no slots until the 7th so ill see what the consultant says. 

Hi Suzy, how have you been? 



Hi Suzy 

I have just read your signature...I thought you were all clear! I hope the lletz under GA went ok. 

Best wishes 

Michelle x

Just a quick update...

I saw my consultant and he thinks it may back a case of needing to change my pill. He wants to check everything is normal in my womb so he requested an ultrasound. No free slot until 2nd Feb so I will have to wait. Also see him again that day so hopefully get to the bottom of it. For now I can look forward to another week/weekend of feeling wiped out. 

He is satisfied it is nothing cancer related as I had a clear MRI and CT a few months ago. That is definitely reassuring.

Hope everyone is well


Hi Michelle :-)

So glad you've had the reassurance from your consultant that it's nothing cancer related but sorry you are facing another week/end feeling wiped out


Hi Tivoli, 

thank you, I can cope with the rest as long as I know it's not anything to really worry about.

Hope u are doing well 

Michelle x

Hey Michelle,

Glad to hear it went ok and the consultant has no concerns. I really hope the pill change helps in the interim whilst you wait for your scan, seems a bit of a wait but will hopefully fly by with Christmas coming up. I am sure you are already, but it might help to take an iron supplement? I think I read that it can depleat over time, so the last year could be starting to take its toll on your iron levels now. It might be another reason for feeling washed out. Big hugs X x x