Bloating after a colposcopy/punch biopsy

I just wondered if anyone else has experienced bloating after their colposcopy/punch biopsy??  I had it done on Tuesday and it's very much like period bloating.  I have very irregular/weak periods anyway as I'm on the depo injection so I can't tell whether it actually is my time of the month or if the examination/biopsy has somehow triggered this response? It started almost immediately after I left the hospital....


Thank you x


Yes!!! I had terrible bloating for about a week or so after colposcopy. I looked pregant! Xx

Yep! I get horrendous bloating after even the slightest prod down there - not sure why!



After my lletz I did for about 2 weeks. Was awful. Got to the point where none of my trousers would do up! As soon as the bleeding started it went, literally overnight x

Hi there, 

yes I've had really extreme bloating and on the first day it came really bad abdominal pain, almost like trapped wind And period pains at the same time, sorry tmi! 

I have just got back from the doctors and she thinks it is an infection even though I don't have discharge etc. she has given me antibiotics and I have to go back for swabs next week. I am still bleeding slightly, it has been 10 days since my Lletz proceedure And ring biopsy. Still waiting results and ultrasound clear. 

Thanks for starting the thread, it was good to know I wasn't alone x


Hi lady’s I to have bloated and look heavily pregnant but it also feels like my lower tummy is sticking to my insides is that norma.