Anyone feel bloated after LLETZ?

Hey ladies, had my lletz 3 days ago. Just want to know has anyone else felt really bloated after it? My stomach has been really bloated since and not sure if this is normal or if anyone else has experienced it? Thanks xxxxx

I felt bloated too and very emotional, I can’t remember how long it lasted it was back in march, but for about a week I think.

I had mine the same day as yours, Sheila. i’m pretty bloated but to be honest I only just managed to go to the loo today after three days so that could be why for me. i’m still in pain but no bleeding, just an orange leak every now and then.
was it you that was having the bad bleeding? did you contact your doctor? x

Ok so hopefully its normal to bloat after it. I suffer severe health anxiety and now cuz of this bloating im starting to worry about ovarian cancer :’( i hope its normal and it goes away cuz im starting to get scared…

Yeh the bleeding isnt so bad now. Mainly when i pee theres a good bit but not so much to fill a pad in between. Cramps are on and off throughout the day aswell


aw Sheila, its probably just because your body has been jiggled about and is healing. I hope you feel better soon! Xx