Bad experience

Hi everyone I had a smear test today, my first for many years I'm ashamed to say. Mainly due to fear. Today I put my big girl pants on and booked the test. In between sobs I explained to the receptionist how afraid I was.  She was really good and said she would explain to nurse and if I needed she would come in with me.  This obviously hadn't been explained and no chaperone was offered. The nurse was brutal . My cervix is so far to the back that I was unable to give birth naturally. She didn't care. I begged her to stop due to how much pain I wss in during the procedure but she told me to calm down it was nearly over. I threw up when I came out I was so distressed.  Now 10 hours on I feel bruised down below and am uncomfortable when having a wee,  also some spotting.  I suppose I just want to know if the discomfort is normal. Xx 

how awful for you

i would report this to the practice-it is not acceptable and certainly not condusive to encourage you to have more smears in the future!!

this has really enraged me that she tols you to calm down and of course , due to your cervix position,she should have been more understanding.

im sure you will be bruised and because of the tension you were holding-it would make it even more awful for you

i would think you are a bit swollen from the experience and if it was brutal, i would also think thats the reason for the bleed.

please please go back to the practice and make a complaint

this is exacly what stops other ladies going for smears after a bad experience and should be addressed!

the same happened to me and i left it 20 years! obvioulsy by then i have gone undiagnosed, (but now recovering and healthy!)but if she had been more gentle, i would have gone regularly

 i really feel for you xx


This has infuriated me as if it is not horrable enough i think it meeds reporting asap she should of stopped what she was doing and if i am righ(please correct if wrong) there should of been another person in the room weather another member of staff or a friend please report this   i   hope she has not caused to much damage thoughts are with yoi x

So sorry that you have had such a horrible experience. I had a smear test yesterday due to abnormal bleeding and the nurse was none too delicate in her handling of me.  I soaked through a sanitary towel and been passing a couple of large clots which has never happened to me before. This nurse also was heavy handed last time too. I too have a cervix that is difficult for them to get to, have you tried making fists and putting them under your bum to help lift you up and make your cervix easier to see?  If not, remember that for next time.  I agree with the other posters, this nurse was highly unprofessional in her treatment and handling of you. Patients are at their most vulnerable in such circumstances and at no point should you have had pain, a bit of discomfort yes but pain to the extent you threw up - never! Please be brave and put a written complaint into the practice manager becausde you may not be the only lady who has gone through this and most people are too embarrassed or too scared to complain. Hope you feel a little better soon. Wish I could give you a hug, that sounds horrendous.

Continuing when someone says no/stop is assault.