Hi everyone

I need some advice. I have had cisplatin and radiotherapy. At that time I had a small nodule in my pelvis. There was some question whether it was a tumour or inflammation.

At my 3 month scan I was given the all clear. Five months on I have recurrence, two tumours in my pelvis. I had another scan 6 weeks later and get the result this week. I have been told that if there are no more tumours or no spread I will have focused radiotherapy which I am happy to go ahead with.

If there is spread I would get a chemo mix including avastin. Has anyone had this cocktail or avastin? I have done some reading and seen some of the side effects of avastin are fatal. I am now very scared. Can anyone allay my fears?

Love Jo x

Hi Jo :-)

Personally I have no experience of this but there are some women who have been successfully treated with Avastin and some who are being treated with it right now. You may want to look for Anna Sparkles and jayneeb

Be lucky :-)

Hi Jo I've been on Avastin for 9 months now. I ceased carboplatin/taxol in July. I'm not sure where you are getting your info on Avastin. I have tolerated it extremely well. I have developed a lot of muscle and bone pain since being on Avastin alone. It's quite bad and my only symptom. To be honest I think the pain can be attributed to boney secondaries I haven't been scanned yet but I'm pretty sure. The drug itself is a walk in the park compared to chemo. Jayne

Hi Jo,

I am on the chemo mix with avastin and have had my 5th cycle today. 

I had the cistplatin and radio/brachy treatment over summer 15 and was clear for almost a year from finishing but was diagnosed with a recurrence at the end of august this year. 

I'm different to jayneee as I struggled badly with the first cycle on this stuff to the point I questioned carrying on. I spoke to my consultant and the doseages were tweaked slightly to ease my side affects. The following cycles have been a thousand times better and my tumour is responding. 

I'm not trying to put anyone off just being honest. We are all different and react in our own ways. I say give it a go, and speak up if you have any issues or feel its not for you.

Good luck and best wishes. Keep us posted with how you are getting on. You know where we are xx