Avastin (immunotherapy) added to chemo regimen

Hello !

I had my 5th chemotherapy cycle yesterday, and they decided for the last two to add on a new immunotherapy treatment called Avastin.

So far my treatment has been:

C1 Carbo/Taxol
C2 Carbo/Taxol
C3 Carbo/Taxol + Keytruda (immunotherapy)
C4 Carbo/Taxol + Keytruda
C5 Carbo/Taxol + Keytruda + add Avastin

I was told it is used to help reduce the rate of reoccurrence, especially being that I have Stage 3C1 which has metastasized to bilateral lymph nodes.

After chemo cycle number 6, I am likely going to do radiation, and then maintenance keytruda+Avastin (just the two immunotherapies) for two years.

Is anyone else getting this type of treatment ? More so chemo and immunotherapy rather than radiation and brachytherapy ?
I feel it’s because my tumor shrank 2cm with chemo+keytruda alone, so they’re hopeful they won’t have to be too invasive moving forward. But I’m really not sure !

Hey @lallaland
How are you doing? Maybe itis good news you dont have to go through brachytherapy.
I am starting my treatment next week. Just wanted to pop in and see how you doing so far my brave girl!

Hey lallaland

To be honest I am not sure why your drs have chosen this path, maybe it’s better to ask them why?

I just wanted to say that 2.5years ago I was diagnosed at stage 4 and I had chemo / radiation and brachytherapy. Then 2 years later to the date I was diagnosed again with reoccurrence. My treatment plan was 6 chemo and immunotherapy treatments. I have since completed that and now I have immunotherapy every 3 weeks (for as long as it works they told me).

The drs told me that they have seen a good response to this type of treatment so maybe it is the way forward? I really don’t know but it would be less evasive for you to not have to do brachytherapy. I live in Italy and here I had brachytherapy 3 times for a week each time. It’s not the way they do it in the UK (well not from what I have read). I was hooked up to the machine for 72 hours straight with the radiation administered for 5 mins every hour. It really wasn’t pleasant. By the third time I had had enough.

We are strong, we’ve got this :muscle:t3: Hope your doing ok!

Hi @Boo ! Thanks so much for responding.

I think this probably is the new way forward, as with chemo alone for two cycles, my condition and tumors were “unchanged” … and then I started the immunotherapy, and two months later my tumor shrank 2cm on each side.

I haven’t received radiation yet as I’m on my last cycle of chemo/immunotherapy today (yay), but I’m told I probably won’t need brachytherapy since I’m responding so well to immunotherapy, and might even not require much radiation - just maintenance therapy with keytruda and avastin (both immunotherapies).

Who knows :woman_shrugging:t3: but I’m glad I’m getting these if it’s an advancement for cancer treatment !

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@lallaland love that news! Keep going!!