Adenocarcinoma in situ

Hi all

I was just wondering if anyone else had been diagnosed with the above? I was diagnosed back in June after treatment. I have been told it is highly likely the LLETZ treatment I had has removed it all and have now been given an outpatients appointment in October but was just wondering if anyone else aware or know about it.


Helen x

I think the lletz has a very high success rate so please try not to spend between now and October worrying. If you think you won't stop worrying and if you could afford it you could always go for a colposcopy privately maybe? i think I read it's about £180. Lots of love xxx

Hi Helen,

I would think that if they were concerned thay would call you back sooner than October so I think this is probably very good news :-)

Be lucky :-)

Thanks for your comments, I am happy with what I have been told and not really worried, was just wondering if anyone else had been diagnosed with it and the likelihood of it reoccurring etc, just after some more information, but comments appreciated so thank you.

Helen x


This is my first time posting.  I was just told today that I have AIS, and have been referred to an Oncologist.  I will see her in about two weeks.  Not sure what to expect...


Hoping all goes well for you!! Thoughts your way, Helen. 

Hi AuntieLiz

Not much help to you I'm afraid as I don't know much about AIS, I was given an outpatiient appointment after my LLETZ, so going ok for me, but thank you for your thoughts.

I hope your appointment goes well, let me know how it goes, thoughts with you too :)


I will, and you do the same!  My fingers are crossed for you!!

After being diagnosed in June with AIS and told highly likely all removed and outpatient appointment given for end of October, I have today received a call from the doctor asking me to go in Thursday....wondering why and whats going on :( anyone else had this or have an idea why?


My doctor said that it needs to be monitored closely on a 3 monthly basis

Hello I just joined the forum.  I had adenocarcinoma in situ on my cervix in 2011.  It was treated with a LEEP, the margins were not clear, but follow-up paps have been normal ever since.  As of now, I have been suffering from lower abdominal pain for over 4 months, lots of nausea, night sweats, and extreme fatique, sometimes dizzy.  It is suspected that the AIS might not have been detected on my paps and could be back.  I had a biopsy and cervical scraping this week, next week I have a CT scan.  Awaiting results, another 2 weeks or so.