Adenocarcinoma in situ

Hi All

Anyone else diagnosed with the above? That is what I got back in my results, was told highly likely everything removed during LLETZ, and have an outpatients appointment for October, but just wondering if any has had this or knows about it?




Hi Helen, 


I didn't want to read and run. Firstly, I hope you're ok - it's not news anyone wants. I personally didn't have this result from LLETZ, but my understanding is that carcinoma in situ is sometimes called 'stage 0' - it is cancerous, but is even smaller than a stage 1A1 tumour which I think is usually just a couple of millimeters; this is probably literally a few cells so I reckon the doctor is right about the LLETZ getting it all. It might be worth posting in the 'newly diagnosed' forum as there is very likely to be at least one lady on there who's had the same outcome as yours :)


Emma x 

Thanks Emma, yeas that was my thinking too, but good to have a result and it removed this time. Will post in the newly diagnosed bit to see if anyone else has had it. But thanks for getting back to me :) 

Helen x