"Abnormal result" - Wales

Hello everyone,

I'm new here. I thought I had posted this earlier but it does not appear to be showing in the forum.

I had my smear test 5 weeks ago. I wrongly assumed that as I had not received news that there was nothing wrong "I would have heard by now." Unfortunately I was wrong and received a letter yesterday to say I had an "abnormal result" and I was referred for a colposcopy.

The letter did not go into any further detail regarding the severity of the abnormality - I understand that this is the norm in Wales. Has anyone been able to get any more information before attending the Colposcopy appointment?

Further, the letter stated that I would receive another letter in 2-3 weeks with an appointment. Is this time-scale usual? Can I read it as good news that they don't want me in there straight away?

Thank you in advance for any help.


I had the same letter, in Scotland. I got my appointment letter on the same day. They arrived around 9 weeks after my smear. I found out at the colposcopy that my smear had shown CIN3 and biopsies and LLETZ confirmed this. LLETZ was successful with clear margins so I’m on a 6 month check up. I think knowing how nice the colposcopy staff are (since meeting them and having appointments) Id definitely call them to find out more info if I had the same letter (“abnormal”) again in the future. There should be a number on your appointment letter for the colposcopy department. :) 

Thanks for your reply. You gave me the push I needed to phone the GP as the letter said to contact the person who carried out the smear for more info. They told me that they have my results and to call back tomorrow morning and hopefully someone would be able to talk to me. 

That’s good! Hopefully you can speak to the nurse/doctor and they can give you more info. I didn’t call to find out what “abnormal” meant but waited until my colposcopy. I wish I had as it was niggling on my mind the whole festive period! 

Just thought I would update. The doctor rang me back this morning. He explained to me that the cervix looked inflammed and also that they had picked up on HPV virus/wart virus. I'm hoping he means that the strain of HPV they have found is the one that causes warts.

I asked whether they will be removing cells at the colposcopy and he said they probably wouldn't. They would probably treat with a chemical instead. He said it's nothing to worry about and just a "preventative measure" to stop anything more causing problems. If left untreated it may cause problems in the next 10-15 years.

Has anyone got any experience of this?

Hi, I live in Wales too and just got “abnormal result” then had to wait over a month for colposcopy. 

They told me I had low grade changes, but took a biopsy. I have had genital warts 7 years ago. But HPV wasn’t mentioned. 

I didn’t ask any questions which I really regret now but I was so freaked out I couldn’t think straight. 

Hooe you don’t have to wait much longer. X 

Hi Renee, thanks for your reply. Fingers crossed all goes ok with your biospy.

I have received an appointment for the colposcopy for the 1st April. How did they treat your genital warts?


Just to update my post, I had my colposcopy yeaterday. Before I went in I was told that the changes were very mild (which I presume to be CIN1) they might or might not do a biopsy because they were so mild. Depends what the doctor saw.

So I had the colposcopy and the doctor (a different person to the person I had spoken to before hand) said there was a very small patch - wasnt sure if biopsy was needed but decided to do one "for reassurance". She said I would receive a letter in 6-8 weeks. I asked whether I would then have to have treatment and she said no, I probably wouldn't need treatment.

It didnt hurt that much at the time but as I was walking out from the hopsital the pain started and when I got home I took painkillers and went straight to bed.

It's the following day now and I'm not too bad.

Really dissapointed with the treatment I received yesterday. It was rushed, there was no continuity from the doctors - the person I spoke with before hand was different to the one who carried out the treatment and apart from the Q I asked as she was doing the treatment to stop the bleeding I didnt have time to ask any Q's afterwards. The doctors phone went off in her pocket mid-biopsy. Although I must say the nurse was absolutely lovely. The doctor left the room as soon as she was done. No time for questions. Also, when the doctor brought me through to the treatment room the 1st time the nurse had to stop me in the door because the last patient was still in there!

I'm hoping what the doctor said was right and I will not need anymore treatment although if she was so sure of this, why was a biopsy needed? Will keep you updated.

I’m also in wales. Had my smear 2nd of Feb and only got my results last Sat…so over 6 weeks later. Like you I thought that all would be fine as it always had and if it was anything I’d of had a letter sooner…how silly was I!?! Anyway the letter was so vague and just said it showed abnormal result…that I now needed a colposcopy to investigate. No mention of HPV or anything more…I’d like to add I have been with my husband since I was 20 and I’m 37 this year. My last smear in 2019 was HPV neg and cells not tested. So I’m so confused tbh. I thought they only tested your cells if you came back positive for HPV? How can I be neg 3 years ago and now this? I have got on going issues down there and I’m due to see a private gyno tomorrow (was booked way before my smear results) I’m in a panic as I have 2 lumps deep in my labia (been checked and was told they might be lipomas) had odd discharge for nearly 2 years with no infection…really worried now :persevere:

I am in Wales as well. Please try not to worry. I had a biopsy it came back 5 weeks later saying I had CIN 1. I will benefit from having lletz. The letters from our smear results always say just abnormal, I rang the cervical screening Wales and they are amazing and can give you results and talk you through your concerns.
Take care