Hi all

Had a phonecall from doctor on Thursday (which was a shock) saying results of smear were abnormal and that he was faxing the hospital for an urgent referral for within two weeks, is this normal?

Also asked about whether I had family and planning anymore...which got me thinking, or am I overthinking it?

So waiting for hospital appointment, but was going to ring doctor and see him as I don't know how abnormal results were, would he know this?



Hi Helen,

You could see the doctor but I'm not sure they could tell you much more. Abnormalities are graded CIN1, CIN 2 or CIN 3. They usually just monitor CIN1 but remove CIN2 and CIN3. This can be done by LLETZ under local anesthetic. It sounds like he has referred you for a colposcopy. If they see anything that needs further examination it is normal practice to be referred and seen within 14 days. The colposcopy is a way of getting a better look at the cervix and sometimes they take tiny samples to examine them.

Also them asking about family ect wasnt very appropriate as they dont know a lot until further examination, try not to overthink it .

Hope you hear back about your appointment soon, the waiting is the worst.

Best Wishes


Thanks Michelle, yes the waiting is worse....still taking the phonecall in. And I am overthinking things no doubt, it's just because of the questions the doctor asked etc, so made me think a bit more. Hopefully hear something it the next few days, seems longer because of the Easter/Bank Holiday and just want to get sorted lol.



well I received a letter to say they have received a letter to make an appointment with me, so they will either call or send a letter to confirm an appointment...wouldn't it have been easier just to send an appointment in the first place.

Also received confirmation tgat I tested HPV Positive and my smear showed abnormal cells.

So still waiting....