A question to 1b1 trachelectomy ladies

I was recently re-reading the path report of my trachelectomy operation and realized that my tumor was 22mmx7mm . Normally trachelectomy is done when diameter is below 20mm. Now i'm very scared that maybe the treatment was not well chosen for me - i think something like doctors wanted to preserve my fertility and didn't follow standard procedures ... Well, if you saw your reports - is there anyone who had trachelectomy with 20 or more mm of diameter of the tumor?


I understand that i maybe overreact, but at the same time i'm ready to do everything to avoid recurrence....

Hi Liana,

sometimes those reports are confusing aren't they. I had surgery for 1b1 but a cone rather than trachelectomy.  Hopefully someone with a similar experience will respond soon. I think the Dr's like to give people the opportunity for the least restrictive option Where possible, and would have taken into account many other factors too (e.g age, depth, risk of reoccurrence and fertility) on choosing your surgery. When do you go back to see your consultant?

Keep positive, Rhi xx





they check who can have a trachelectomy extremely carefully both before and during the op.  it sounds like yours was shallow and growing outwards more. The main thing that they are often concerned with is the depth. It it had been over 2cm in depth i think you may have have a different outcome. As long as they had good clear margins and your lymph nodes were clear I would say you are in the Same position as any other woman who has had a trach. I'm no doctor obviosuly but I genuinely think you are fine and had the best treatment. its natural to worry, just try and breathe through it and trust in the treatment you have had xxx