Risks of trachelectomy with narrow margins... (fertility mentioned)

Hi from a new user...

I was diagnosed with CC three weeks ago and I am at a point where the consultants have given me the options and it is my time to decide on treatment...which I am finding really really hard!!

When I had my initial colposcopy, LLETZ treatment and cone biopsy the area taken was 1.5x1.7cm and was all cancerous. Since then I have had another colposcopy and the surgeon that examined me said the tumour still left is about 2cm.

The abdominal radical trachelectomy was given to me as one option for treatment as I am 29 and want to maintain my fertility. I am hoping to still be getting married next year and my other half and I have always wanted a family.

The surgeon said that the margins are very close and therefore it is a risk that they can remove the whole tumour and enough surrounding tissue to be sure they have got it all.

I wondered if anyone with narrow margins/a tumour larger than 2cm has had a trachelectomy and can offer any advice? risks etc

Or if anyone has been offered an ART but then decided to go for a hysterectomy instead? 

Any insight would be so helpful.




Hi Haz88,

My story sounds quite similar to yours. I had a 2cm tumour and had a radical trachelectomy in April 2016 when I was 29. I was told it was successful with clear margins. However in March of this year a 3cm tumour was found on my ovary and after surgery to remove it, I had chemo and radiotherapy this summer, which unfortunately has left me unable to have children. My surgeon said he has never seen my cancer do this, so I do think I am an exceptionally rare case (no one can give me stats on my cancer because there aren't any!). 

Idon't mean to tell you this to scare you away from having the tracelectomy, because I know your surgeons wouldn't be offering it as an option if they weren't happy it would be successful. But I think it's important to be honest. I'm just sorry I'm the only reply so far as I'm sure there are loads of positive stories!! 

I will add that I was lucky enough to save my eggs before my second round of treatment, so whatever you decide to do, push for this! I was able to have my IVF funded so it's definitely worth looking into. Speak to your oncologist. You might never need them, but it'll do no harm to have them on ice!

Wishing you all the best whatever you decide, and feel free to message me if you ever want to chat xx


Thanks for your reply! Have just sent you a message xxx