Cervical cancer confused

Had a smear test in August was call in for colposcopy due to abnormal smear in September than I received a letter to come in for follow up 21/09/15 to my horror it wasn’t a check up but I was told I had cervical cancer 3mm I was told I need a cone biopsy was sent for mri 27/09/15 results 29/09/15 clear but I was told I the cancer is further advanced it’s 3mm across by 7 mm stage 1b1 grade 1 squamous cell cancer of cervix with invasive component to endo-and deep margins deep and instead I will need a radical trachelectomy.
Operation date is 27/11/15 I am really scared petrified I still want to have children and I read that it’s still possible to have children after the operation but could be difficult also I was told that all cancer could have already been removed but they have no way of knowing so this major operation I could have even though there may not be any cancer left in my cervix ? I asked to have the cone biopsy instead but they said no that I need the radical trachelectomy.Has anyone else gone through similar situation?


Sorry to hear about your diagnosis!

As you are asking if anyone had a similar experience-I did, my tumour was 17mm long by 8mm wide and 2.7 mm deep. It was an adenocarcinoma 1b1. I was initially offered a trachelectomy but my consultant changed the plan and did the cone biopsy instead with a lymph node removal. I've been given the all clear a couple of weeks ago. I was told that they chose the cone because of the volume of my tumour and the fact that it was shallow. I'm not sure how deep yours is? 

I've replied in another thread about having the second opinion-if you are not happy, you are entitled to consult someone else. If you have any questions please feel free to pm me..

Good luck!!

xx Anna

Hi Justine :-)

I can really understand your hesitation to have major surgery when there is a fair chance that there is already no cancer left in your cervix. But a trachelectomy is the very best way to preserve your fertility as well as remove any remaining cancer. If there was still just a tiny little bit left in there that the doctors didn't know about until later the treatment would be far more radical and you would lose your fertility for sure. Try to trust that your doctors don't perform unnecessary operations, they know what is the best way to treat you with the minimum impact.

Be lucky :-)

Hi Justine, I had exactly the same scenario. My cc wasnt as deep and I still had the trachelectomy. I recovered really well and 9 months all clear and I am now trying to conceive. I only had CIN 3 left in the tissue they removed in the trach. Tivoli is right, if there is even a tiny cell left, the future treatment would be much more radical.

The only hospital I know of which may offer less radical treatment for 1B1 is the Royal Marsden. This is because they have an 'internal MRI' scanner machine, that allows them to look at the cervix is much closer detail. I don't know of any other hospital that has this equipment,

best of luck.