4 weeks after colposcopy

Hi everyone,
I’m new and was wondering what everyone’s experiences were post loop treatment. I had this 4 weeks ago, they thing it’s cin2/3 but haven’t had results back yet.
Anyway I’m 4 weeks post treatment and I’ve just started bleeding fresh blood very light. But this has concerned me as although I have had darkish red/brown discharge it’s never been fresh. I’m on the implant so don’t think it’s a period. Am I right to be worried or is this normal?
Thanks :slight_smile: xx

Hi Kara,

I was told to expect light bleeding for up to 4 weeks after the treatment, I'm at 2 weeks post treatment now and have only started bleeding over the past few days with nothing initially. If you're concerned, phone your GP or hospital department where you had your treatment for advice x