Colposcopy Questions!!

Hi All,


I am new to Jo's Trust and to the Forum this is my 1st post.


I am waiting for a date for my Colposcopy.  I telephoned the Clinic last Monday and spoke to the Sister there to try to try to get some info

But still have questions!  I was told it is likely I will need treatment on the day (they do Heated Loop Treatment) but I've been reading up

& it says afterwards you should bleed no more than your usual period; well for me that is a problem!  I've been on the Pill for a long time

& I do not know what my usual period would be like!  I do not have time to have a break from the Pill before I have treatment to find out/

I am scheduled to have treatment in next 3 weeks although I do not have date yet: I'm concerned re: the bleeding as I read that if you bleed

More than a usual period it could be a sign of infection, so I don't know how you tell?!!?

+ Does anyone know what the local anesthetic they use for Heated Loop Treatment is??  I had a minor op' under local on my adductor tendon

Last year (x2) & both times I had a really bad reaction to the local anesthetic used  Frown  I am almost more scared about the possibility they might

Use this type of local anesthetic than of having the loop treatment itself!!  The Sister told me they use a local that is like the 1 they use when you

You have a tooth out (dental local anesthetic).  Anyone who knows about any of this I would really appreciate feedback.

Thank You....

Routine Smear Test: 2nd May 2014

Letter re: Colposcopy with diagnosis of High Grade Dyskaryosis & CIN2: 8th May 2014

Colposcopy Date Due in next 3 weeks (Between 19th - 9th June 2014) + possible Heated Loop Treatment





First of all you've come to the right place! Everyone on here is so helpful.

With the bleeding after the treatment, the main thing to look out for is an 'off' smell as this is linked to infection. If the bleeding starts to get quite heavy (I know you can't compare to a normal period but if there is a lot of bleeding) then go to your gp and they will give you antibiotics for an infection, just in case.

I'm not sure about the type of local anaesthetic used as I had mine under general but someone else might be able to help. It may also be a good idea to give the hospital a call and explain your situation with the local anaesthetic last year and definitely make sure you mention it again at your appointment.

Hope all goes well for you xx

Regarding the bleeding; if it is bad enough to soak through 1 pad an hour then you need to get it checked out.  I had that problem but it wasn't infection, just where they'd 'sealed me up' had come away somehow even though I'd been very careful.  

I had the loop under local, and very glad that I did.  I felt fine the whole way through and even after.  Felt a little uncomfortable the next day but nothing major.  I never even felt them do the injection!  The most annoying part is that you get a bit shaky from the anaesthetic and you can't keep your legs still lol but that wears off quite quickly.

Hi there, I hope this helps. The local anaesthetic that's used at the dentist is usually lignocaine or lidocaine as it's sometimes also called and it comes

in strengths of 1% and 2%

im not sure which one they will use I. Your case but another local anaesthetic used commonly

is chirocaine 0.25% or 0.5% if I were u I would try to find out what brand caused the reaction last time so you can be prepared this time.

good luck hun