4 Lletz treatments in 2 years, CIN3 back, what next?


I’ve had 4 Lletz treatments in 2 years (2 small and 2 large) and CIN3 is back again.

CIN3 not easily visible through colposcopy but shows up in biopsy.

Just received a letter with a date for 5th Lletz. Don’t feel my case is getting looked in totality. Would you recommend another Lletz or an alternative treatment?

Any help appreciated


Jan 2014 smear - Cin3
Feb 2014 Lletz- CIN3 renewed
June 2014 - Colposcopy CIN2
Sept 2014 - Lletz- CIN3 on margins
Dec 2014 - Lletz cin3 removed
April 205 - colposcopy clear
Sep 2015 colposcopy Cin3
Oct 2015 - Lletz Cin3 on margins but misinformed the results were clear
April 2016 Smear - CIN3

Hi Redlight.

Wow 4 lletz with potential for a 5th? I was always of the opinion that 3 lletz and that's your lot as everytime they do it, it makes your cervix weaker.

Have you completed your family? ie no more kids or no kids at all? If so, perhaps they will look at giving you a hysterectomy. Not necessarily a full one but it is possible. 

Or perhaps a cone biopsy where they remove a larger part of your cervix in one go.

Truthfully, if you don't want to extend your family with children, I'd be looking at a hysterectomy. No cervix = no CIN in my book.

Good luck with your treatment.

Thanks for your response. Yes, I've 3 wonderful kids and not planning on having anymore. 

I was advised that the Lletz treatment would sort this out so I haven't push for further treatment. I'm glad you said 3 is normally the max, that helps me to push now