2nd smear

Hi everyone

Im new to the forum and after some advice following a recent smear. My first smear was back in feb 2015 resulting in low grade changes and HPV positive, follow up coloscopy showed everything ok and no further treatment needed.

In november 2015 i fell pregnant and our 2nd daughter was born in july 2016. 

I did go back on birth control for a few months until hubbys vasectomy results came back all clear and its been almost a year now without anything contraception wise. My periods have been around every 3 to 5 weeks and last at least 7 to 9 days. They are so much heavier than before but im less crazy lol, ive had spotting a couple of times after sex very recently, feeling like i have cystitis coming and heavy, shooting pains up there, and just feeling odd. 

Fast forward to January 2018 it occurs to me that things should be settling now and  i must be coming up to another smear with my previous hpv and low grade changes. When i went along the nurse was surprised id not been back since but we agreed that perhaps my having a baby had thrown things off. Theyd have liked to see me at the 1 year mark and it was now year 3.

I bled quite a bit during the smear and she made note that i would probably need a panty liner as shed caused me to bleed. 

So, my results came back today, 6 weeks later and i should be satisfied that no changes were found and the results are clear. But its bugging me that there is no hpv result! Surely they would retest for this after a previous positive result? I dont know if im being a bit dramatic, but its been a long 6 weeks waiting for my results and ive been reading a lot that a clear smear isnt always a sure sign. I would have thought hpv would have been retested to ensure it had gone away on its own, no? 

A practise nurse called me back today, she said she has no results for Hpv but that the lab *might* have tested for it but she'd never seen a negative hpv result written up on a results letter, usually just a positive result is recorded on result letters. She went on to say that she *thinks* that if no abnormal cells are found they wont test for HPV anyway! You can imagine this information has got me confused as im sure ive read a lot of information about ladies who have had clear smear  results but hpv positive go on to have coloscopy and bad news. 

So if you made it thank you for sticking with me. My question is, do i take the gp nurse word for it or ask for a follow up /secodn opinion. Im sure its nothing but i feel i just need to be reallllly sure to put my mind at rest


i don’t think they routinely test for hpv if no cell changes have been found. I have been on yearly smears for the last few years. I know I have HPV but they didn’t test for it in between my abnormal results. 

Thank you for your reply and confirmation that it's quite normal. It does blow my mind that they wouldnt routinely check on each smear if previous results showed a positive. I would assume it was the only was to watch a recurrent hpv virus. My next smear isnt for another 3 years now :/