25, first smear cin3

Hiya I'm a bit all over the place at the moment trying to work all this out in my head. I had my first smear test 31st Jan18

Results came back 15 Jan with high grade severe abnormal cells ..I then went for a colposcooy( trust me to have a trainee) alongside qualified nurses, any way they told me they can detect cin3 and they took biopsys while I was there bit told me due to the size of the area I would have to return when my results are back, I can't help but feel that it could be alot worse, they said I will have cold coagulation to treat the area and I should be fine after this but it keeps bugging me about it all... so I'm asking could I Have cancer? Or would it defiantly be cin 3 and treatable. Sorry for rambling any help would be appreciated thanks 

Hi, it's hard to say until you get results back cin3 isn't cancer though. Just means a high risk of cells turning to cancer so they need treatment. For treatment it depends on how spread out the cells are, as to which treamtrea is used . I had 4 biopsies taken as mine where sprrad out. But haven't had the results back yet. It's the waiting that gets to us. Please try not to worry