10 months Post-LEEP and Laser Treatment: Still HSIL

Brief history: I have had multiple colposcopies, biopsies and smears over the past 3 years. One LEEP (LLETZ) and 2x Laser treatment (vagina, VAIN 3). LEEP (pathology: only moderate changes, not aligning with HSIL from smear) and Laser in February, follow up in March and June. June test: cervix looked clear now (yay!), but swab result was HSIL (still) and new lesion on Vagina: moderate changes in this Vaginal biopsy, as opposed to the high grade pre-laser. Took a break for 6 months rather than the 3-4 month follow up colposcopy (HSIL feedback loop). Had my Colposcopy on Friday. Once again more lesions on vaginal wall just below cervix, so biopsy as well as ECC, pap and HPV smears. At the same time, I am being referred to gyno by my GP (no easy feat in Ontario right now, even with a urgent rec from doctor it is 3 months) for endometrial biopsy due to thickened endometrium and a polyp.
My question: could the HSIL be a result of endometrial cells? Maybe this is why biopsies, LEEP pathologies and ECC pathology don’t align with the smear (always HSIL)? Is this possible that Endometrial cells have been influencing my paps all this time? Has anyone here had similarly mixed results : smear= high grade changes, biopsies consistently moderate or low?
I am stuck in a weird loop: HSIL means I need to keep coming back, but they are not finding the source of the High Grade changes, only the moderate changes. It is a bit of a mindbender. I am grateful for the monitoring, but it is a bit frustrating to keep going back every 3-4 months for the same result: medical Groundhog Day.

Please note that due to the medical system here: although I go to the colposcopy clinic at a gynecology department at a hospital they do NOT look at endometrium issues: this is, aggravatingly, a different department altogether. I am 52, but premenopausal, still getting regular periods although the cycle is 21 -23 days now when I used to be 26-28 days.

Have you had unprotected sex with your partner all these while that you have been dealing with the abnormal cells and hpv?

I’m dealing with this too, smears keep coming back moderate CIN 2, but colposcopies/biopsies only show mild or no changes. I had a LEEP and that came back CIN 1 mild as well. I’m due my follow up smear now and I’m dreading it thinking it’s just going to come back CIN 2 again or worse.

I don’t know the answer but some things to wonder is how many mm deep did the LETZ go and were there clear margins?

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