VaIN Laser treament or Hysterectomy?

Hi, not sure where to post this so started a new thread as would love some advice. . Ive been battling with CIN for 27 years on and off with about 3 LETZ procedures and found out i had VAIN 3 last year with HPV 16, 18 and 35. I’ve already had one laser treatment under general anesthesic last August. Unfortunately found out in December its still there and also now moderate CIN again on my cervix so waiting date for next op in May. Gynecologist has said it could take 4 to 5 attempts with laser ablation to get rid of the VaIN, has anyone else been told this? Not sure of any alternative treatments and dont know what to ask. I’ve been trying to research and cant find much until i found this page. Your thoughts will be very welcome.

Having a hysterectomy won’t unfortunately remove any of the abnormal vaginal cells.

Have a search on the forum as there are some VAIN posts (I created one in Jan)

There are also a few small VIN/VAIN/AIN Facebook groups too that are super helpful.

I had a VAIN scare in Jan but biopsy confirmed HPV and not VAIN. I’m still worried about it and the possibility of any treatment.

Hope you’re ok x

Thank you, its so difficult to know what questions to ask and gyne saying 4 to 5 attempts seems like forever. Thanks for the advice, will take a look. Hope youre ok too.