Time off work

Hi everyone

Further to my earlier post today in which I said I have today been diagnosed with Type 1a1 Cervical Cancer…I just wanted to ask everyone how much time you all had off work for a Cone Biopsy?

I took three working days off for my LLETZ procedure (signed off for five days). Is the Cone procedure worse?

Should I be taking time off generally because of my diagnosis? Apart from the shock and disbelief I physically feel fine so feel like I should just pull my big girl pants on and go into work through this whole thing. Then part of me thinks hang on a minute,I’ve been diagnosed with Cancer!!! I should be just taking it easy and looking after myself surely? I don’t know. I’m rambling.

Any advice welcome xxx

Hi ladycakes. 

Only you can decide what's best for you, there are many ladies who needed time off work frim diagnosis to post treatment and there is absolutely nothing wrong about needing the time away from work to process. There are also ladies who felt like working kept them sane or distracted. This is also ok!!! Do what you feel is best for you! Don't be pressured into anything because of what you think people will say or because you think you are suppose to feel. 

I had one big cry, found out I wasn't going to die and then never looked back. I Decided quite early in this that I wasn't going to let this cancer mess my life up. I have learned, grown, risen from the brink of despair and although I do worry sometimes that it will return I will enjoy, plan and live my life my way!!

good luck

Hi Ladycakes, I can't offer any advice sorry but I was looking to post a similar question so thought I'd join this thread. I hope that's okay. I'm due to have a cone biopsy and some lymph nodes removed in a few weeks and was wondering the same. How long generally are people away from work? After the Lletz I had 2 days off then went back to work. Ended up with an infection so took a further 5 days off. This time I want to make sure I heal but am unsure how long to tell work to expect for me to be away. Originally I had said 2 weeks but thinking now maybe that's not long enough. x

I was diagnosed stage 2b with lymph node involvement on the 27th Feb an just had first chemo an rad appointment yesterday, an the only time I have had off is for hospital appointment, I went in today although slightly later than normal but I went in, everyone is individual is different an only u know ur own body an what is workable for u.

I want to work all the way through my treatment although I know I will have good days an bad, but i need to be in control not the cancer an work is the only thing I have control of in the next 5 weeks.

Dawn x