Tested HPV18/45/51/59

I’ve recently received my HPV test result and i came back positive for HPV18/45/51/59. Has anyone gone through these before and anyone recovered from it? i’m getting panic and anxious here and i just couldn’t stop googling. Please help

Do the vaccine now, if you have not done it and then go for your colposcopy.

thank you for replying :pray:t2:but i heard that the vaccine doesn’t heal or clear the current infection, i do plan to take the vaccine regardless but i’m waiting for an appointment with my gynae in 2 days. for now i’m feeling so anxious. i’m just wondering did anyone recover from this.


Yes it does not clear it but there is evidence that after clearance of lletz treatment or after the initial clearance, you can avoid re-infection, in case we get it again (ofc it can reactivate out of weakened immune system but we do not know that well how this virus works).

So, in terms of stress, i know how you feel cos i also had the hpv 33 at my 25, then 51 at my 26, then 6 at my 27, then hpv negative at 28 and now i got infected with hpv 16 (the worst one for CC). So, yes they can all clear over time but the most important is to check if you have abnormal cells in your cervix. We cannot do much rather than monitor (watch and wait) or treatment. :confused:

How old are you? Cos very young people clear it more easily.


unfortunately i’m already 35 and the rate of it going away/dormant is much lower.

i do plan on taking the vaccine after visiting the gynae tomorrow. i’m waiting for my gynae to advise the next step.

Did you take the vaccine after being infected the first time?

how long do you have hpv16? are you doing anything to try to get rid of it? i’m sorry for asking so many questions and i really appreciate your response because so far i don’t have anyone to talk to who understands my situation

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Don’t apologise for it. I am only 3 months since I got HPV 16 from a new sexual partner I had in May. This new sexual revolution has infected all men and subsequently we get infected and suffer while they keep fu**ing around with no consequences.

Well I do. I have done the vaccines after infection yes, but I also take curcumin, astragalus, vitamin C, I got vitamin b and magnesium in the past. I drink green tea and echinacea and turmeric.

I eat lots of veggies and fruits from an organic place in London in bayswater. Broccoli, papaya, avocado, cauliflower, carrots, blueberry, cranberry, kiwi, melon, grapes etc.

I eat less meat and no processed food. I only cook at home with virgin olive oil (since I am Greek). I eat musli and oat and lots of nuts.

I have reduced stress and work bare minimum hahaahah.

I go for walks, running and started acrobatics recently.

I also use Colpofix vaginal gel daily.

I am 29. My next colposcopy is on the 3rd of November and my lletz 8th of November. I am doing it privately in Greece. And December I get my last dose of vaccine.

I keep having cin 1 but who knows sometimes something worse can be found after loop.

No smoking, no alcohol at all and never got contraception pills. I am also single without kids and I never plan to do things like IVF where lots of hormones are administered.

Hope those help!

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thank you so much for sharing :heart: really appreciate it.

yeah it seems those guys just go around fu**ing without worries while we girls are the one suffering the consequences. unfortunately it is also my fault somehow that i wasn’t more careful and i kept delaying the vaccination too which i shouldn’t have.

i just bought AHCC after seeing some recommendations that it helps some people to recover. not sure if it helps the high risk cases like us or not but i’m giving it a try.

i’m also starting a vegetarian diet and stopped taking meat, sugar and processed food. i’ll take note of the food you are currently taking.

i do hope your colposcopy and lletz goes well without any problems :pray:t2: if it’s not a hassle, i hope to hear your progress too. i’ll be praying that you recover and test negative soon.

by the way, what stage/grade(sorry i’m not sure the right term) are you? i heard that the lletz is done only if it’s CIN2 or something above right? please correct me if i’m wrong.

lletz can be done if cin 1 is persistent for 2-3 years like in my case. cos it regressed a bit and my doctor was happy with it this year, but it regressed because i did not have the hpv 16, and since i got it now he is scared to make sure he is not missing anything in the endocervical canal. Sometimes a persistent cin 1 can hide cin 2 or even cin 3. It can just be cin 1 only and he just wants to reduce the viral load of hpv 16. well i do not want to do it, and i keep having nightmares, but i have no option.

yes you did well. i do not use mushrooms in supplements because i have intolerance, but i do try to eat some shittake with my pasta or anything.

is it your first time having hpv? also have you ever had a colposcopy before?

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the thought of doing procedures like surgery is scary isn’t it. i understand how you feel, i had a surgery before even though it’s not related to HPV and i had nightmares too.

yes this is my first time having hpv, and i guess that explains why i’m freaking out. my hands were shaking and i couldn’t sleep for days after testing positive. so much regret and shame in my mind and i felt bad because i might have infected my boyfriend. i’m a 100% sure it’s not from him. also lots of regret that i didn’t get the vaccine and kept delaying.

i’m meeting my gynaecologist tomorrow for a consultation and will see what is her recommendation. is the colposcopy done to determine the CIN?

by the way, i just want to say i’m so thankful to have you talking to me. it’s a really lonely journey for me.

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It is a lonely journey yes i agree with you <3

I feel you, i keep dreaming of having a hysterectomy for CC and i keep asking doctors (in my dreams) to do endocervical curretage to check for adenocarcinoma. Honestly, i do psychotherapy, but it does not help that much. I try to keep up with work and my activities and i do extras to show to the world i am fine, but i am not. the idea of finding a virgin boy so i dont get reinfected, is it life? should i spend the rest of my life with that fear? f**k me, this is no life. plus nowadays, all men want to ‘‘try’’ you as if you are a doll, before they decide to enter a relationship. i am fine single, honestly.

Do not worry about your bf. even if he gets it, he wont develop issues like you or me. you may have taken it from him too. if he had 2 more partners in the past etc, you cannot know that and you cannot know what those partners had. it does not matter now from who you got them. they seem too many viruses at once, which flared up so it seems like a new infection. this is my assumption. or if you had a fling right before him, then there you go.

so yes colposcopy is to check your cervix and check if there are any abnormalities, if any at all. you may not have them. not all people will develop CIN.

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yeah i feel you. seriously most guys just wanna “use” or “try” then they just disappear. it’s not from my bf because he’s the faithful type and i’m his first. that’s why i felt guilty and blame myself a lot for hurting him. he has been supportive but i know he probably feel hurt in him.

i totally understand the anxiety you are feeling. even though i just found out i have hpv, i kept wondering will it come back in future even if i clear it, or am i going to die from cc or whatever c. it’s like a thousand things in my mind and how on earth am i gonna not stress out.

i’m afraid and worried cause my strain is HPV18/45 and the scariest is there is abnormal cell changes in my pap smear. it makes me so paranoid thinking that i have the c when my body aches here and there.

i do pray that this is the last time you and me will have to go through this kind of fear :pray:t2:

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I understand now the situation.

And yes, we do not know if we will ever get CC or not in the future (near or far) cos lletz is not a catholic cure. Now you defo dont have C, but i understand future worries since i do have them as well and i think of having a hysterectomy at my 40ies before it turns into C. (hopefully it wont by them. I am now 29.

What type of abnormal cells does your smear test dictate? Borderline changes?

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the pap test did not say whether it’s borderline or not, but it says abnormal cells at the cervix.

initially i did the pap test and it came back ASC-US, then the doctor recommended a HPV test and that’s when i found out i was positive for the High risk HPV18/45/51/59.

i’m guessing i need to do the colposcopy to find out? by the way how is the colposcopy? is it scary? how long will it take and any side effects after doing it? like bleeding or so on?

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It seems you may have cin 1 based on ascus but better to do the colposcopy first.

It is not painful. i have done more than 8 colpos in my life and biopsies and all are fine (dont worry about it). the only fear i have is general anaesthesia for hysterectomy. i am not scared of losing my reporductive system nor i am scared of not having kids. i do not care about any of these. i only care about general anaesthesia, this is why i am scared of cc. lol. so hopefully i will do it with epidurial and do a vaginal hysterectomy before (if ever) it turns cancerous. different people have their own worries i guess.

Lletz is performed under local anaesthesia, thank god. So do not worry about lletz nor colposcopy. You may have no abnormal cells at all. sometimes ascus is nothing.

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thanks for the reassurance.

i totally can understand your fears, and the same like me, i do not care about having kids either and i did consider hysterectomy in future too because i do have fibroid and cysts problems too. i’ve done a surgery to remove the fibroids and cysts in the uterus and ovaries 2 years ago and somehow it came back again, even more though the sizes are small.

let’s just hope that we both will never face the c. i can’t wait to see the doctor tomorrow and like you said i will likely have to do a colposcopy to check how it goes.

please do keep me update on your colposcopy and lletz. hope we can continue to keep in touch and encourage each other.

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did you do it under general anaesthesia?

Was it laparoscopic surgery having 3-4 holes on the belly? I have heard those fibroids come back and most women (without kids) have them.

Yes, we will end up with hysterectomy one day and it is fine. Best age for it is 50 years since menopausal women have no issues with estrogens, thus we dont worry for heart issues :wink:

Fingers crossed we can make it till our 50ies <3 Yes, no CC. Do you have any history of cancers in your family? did you ever get contrapcetive pills? did you ever have herpes or any other STI?

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yes, it’s the laparoscopy surgery with only 3 holes like a keyhole, hence some called it the keyhole surgery and yes i did it under general anaesthesia. i think generally it is safe and have to be honest i was also a nervous wreck for that surgery and they gave me something to calm me down for the surgery.

seems like those without kids have it, ha! it’s like a punishment for not wanting kids huh. but it still won’t change my mind, i’m not planning for kids.

yes, fingers crossed and pray to God that we’ll make it through <3 let’s fight this virus!

i don’t think my family have any cancer history, just some high blood pressure/diabetes. I’ve never had any STI before too, but yes i do take contraceptives pills on and off over all these years. i took it for two months this year in march and april too. since i’ve gained weight, i decided to stopped it. probably have no plans on using it anymore.

now that i have hpv, i’m so afraid to touch my bf like i fear i’m giving him sickness. i wonder if my life will ever go back to being normal.

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i am not planning either for kids. Nulliparus women are less likely to get CC but women who did kids at young age (18-20 years) or had given birth to more than 3 kids are at higher risk for CC. Thus, better fibroids than CC lol. But still these are statistics not 100% sure we do not get anything because we do not have kids. But ofc, stay away from IVF and hormones. All hormonally induced medicines are linked to many cancers like breast etc. We should keep our estrogens at good amount, not too much, thus no stress and a lot of excersise is recommended.

I am happy your keyhole went well. My friend had keyhole yesterday for fibroid and she said it was easy under general anaesthesia. I got general anaesthesia in 2016 for tonsilectomy. I was 21- 22 at that time. A real kid and even though i was stressed i went with more confidence. But now i have linked the sleep with death for some peculiar reason (probably cos you feel nothing as if you do not exist) this is why i am scared of general anaesthesia.

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yeah definitely gonna be staying away from all types of contraceptives, well except condom haha i’ve always been worried about getting pregnant, but now i realised i’m even more worried about HPV and the C.

well i totally understand how you feel about the the sleeping without knowing anything, but don’t worry it’ll be alright. cases where it goes wrong are very very very rare.

i’m glad i could talk to you about all this and i’m a little more calm down now. we are so far away from each other, and yet you gave me so much comfort, thank you <3

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ofc condom is mandatory to help you clear the virus.

thank you so much i am glad to hear you feel better already <3

Btw, i live in london, so maybe we are not that far hahahaha but yes i get your point and i hope we both make it without issues <3