terminal diagnosis

My worst fears have been realised. The cancer has come back in my liver and the consultant says there will be no cure. My prognosis is 12 months. I am to be scanned again and my kidneys assessed for palliative chemotherapy. The consultant was quite matter of fact. We've asked if they can operate but that is unlikely. She talked about a new treatment where your liver is injected with something to slow down the cancer growth??? Anyone any experience with this?

Also I have been told the chemo (if I can have it) has a 50\50 chance of working. My immune system may be compromised and it will make me feel rubbish even though most symptoms can be managed. My question is should I have the chemo? I feel relatively well. My family and I could use this time to make some lovely memories. My husband can take time off work and we can take the kids out of school. Should I say no yto the chemo and enjoy less time but better quality of life with them? I don't want to be in and out of hospital with infections and in bed sickly and tired until the end.

I know no one can really tell me what to do but is there anyone out there in a similar position? 

I'm still in shock, can't quite believe it has comes to this. There must be ladies on the site nearing the end of their life. I'm not scared, just want to make the best of the time I have left. Please pm me if you can help. 



Really sorry to hear your news. I can't help with your decision as it is yours alone to make. However if I was in the same position I would probably go for the quality of life option. Io am already sick to death of hospitals , doctors, ppking and prodding etc. it's such a tough tough call. Keep posting and getting your thoughts out. I'm sure it will help. Xxx