terminal diagnosis

My worst fears have been realised. The cancer has come back in my liver and the consultant says there will be no cure. My prognosis is 12 months. I am to be scanned again and my kidneys assessed for palliative chemotherapy. The consultant was quite matter of fact. We've asked if they can operate but that is unlikely. She talked about a new treatment where your liver is injected with something to slow down the cancer growth??? Anyone any experience with this?

Also I have been told the chemo (if I can have it) has a 50\50 chance of working. My immune system may be compromised and it will make me feel rubbish even though most symptoms can be managed. My question is should I have the chemo? I feel relatively well. My family and I could use this time to make some lovely memories. My husband can take time off work and we can take the kids out of school. Should I say no yto the chemo and enjoy less time but better quality of life with them? I don't want to be in and out of hospital with infections and in bed sickly and tired until the end.

I know no one can really tell me what to do but is there anyone out there in a similar position? 

I'm still in shock, can't quite believe it has comes to this. There must be ladies on the site nearing the end of their life. I'm not scared, just want to make the best of the time I have left. Please pm me if you can help. 



To my friend - sending you hugs, you are in my thoughts and prayers gorgeous lady. Naomi xxx

Oh Karen, my heart goes out to you.
My position is not at all similar but I was told in Feb of this year that my cancer had also returned in my liver. Actually after 2 months of believing this/living with it the tumours they had found turned out to be benign, nothing was found elsewhere.

I was recommended chemo although I never started. They recommended Avastin, it is relatively new but has had good results in extending survival times. My consultant said the side effects were tolerable? I researched extensively and they rarely do surgery but it can be a possibility if there is just one tumour and it is not too large. I also read about the method where they put chemo straight into the liver.

With regards whether you have chemo or not, go with your heart and that will be the right decision. I never got that far, although it was scheduled, so although I planned to have it I have no idea what it would have been like in reality.

Sending much love and hugs

Ali x

Dear Karen,

Sending you big enormous cyber hugs xxxxx

Dear Karen

I am so, so sorry to read this.  I wish I could help and advise but all I can do is send you lots of love, hugs and support. Will be thinking of you lots.

Hugs, Cheryl,xx

Hi Karen,

I admire your positive attitude and strength.

Coming from the opposite side of the picture I recently lost my mother to cancer - she opted for the chemo but like you was torn between the two choices - fair to say at the end of it she told us all the chemo had been a mistake and had she had the choice again she would have not bothered with the second round of life prolonging chemo, she said it ruined her last year, it made the quality worse if that makes any sense?

I think your postive attitude is a fantastic gift! The memories are the best thing and I think the quality totally over rides the quantity. Then again there have been stories of people opting for chemo with great life prolonging results.

All I can say is biggest hugs for you and you are in my thoughts xxxxx

Hi Karen,

I'm so sorry to read this, and whilst I have nothing to compare I wanted you to know I'm thinking of you.

sending you lots of peacefully energy to help you through.

lots of love xxxx

Hi Karen,

I have no words.....Guted for you.

Surround yourself with your loving family and soak up every second of it.

Thinking of you

Becky xx

Big hugs and love xxx

Go with ur heart. Think I would go for quality but cannot say unless in ur shoes.

Enjoy ur time, no matter what x

Hi Karen,

So sorry to hear this and hope there is someone out there who can give you the info you need.

Sending positive thoughts and a hug your way.

Jade xxx

Hello Karen - I'm saddened to hear your news - this is the sum of our worst fears, the thing we all dread, no words can cover it.  I pray you will have the strength to make your decision over treatment and go forward with that.  

God Bless


Hi Karen

I'm so sorry to hear your news, it's what we all dread.  I can only imagine how you must feel.  I wish you the best of luck with your treatment, whichever path you decide to take.

I hope you make some great memories and treasure spending time with your family.

Take care and stay in touch we'll be thinking of you...

Best wishes


Hi Karen

So sorry to hear your news - go with your heart on your treatment path,

Take care and enjoy your family and friends

Sorry I cant be any more  help

Tracey xx

dear karen. i am so saddened to hear this after everthing you gave been through. my thoughts and prays are with you and your famiky.

all my love lea xxx

Well I have been all over the place since I got the news. Up one day, down the next. Yesterday I met with a chemo specialist who was so lovely and I really think listened to me and understood my dilemma. So from being on the quality rather than quantity page I am now considering chemo. Up until now i thought no more treatment , let nature take its course. My husband thinks i should give the chemo a go. Has anyone else been on taxol/carbo/avastin? How have you been and did you have good results? I just don't know what to do. 


just reading this as i dip in and out of this forum, but like everyone else i am heartbroken for you.

sending you love and strength my friend



Hi Karen, I've just send you a private email as I have also just been given a Stage 4 diagnosis as the bloomin thing has spread to my lungs. 


Anna xx

Omg. Thinking of you. No words xxxxx


I realized I never responded to this thread and other ladies need to know my experiences.

While Taxol/Carboplatin Chemo is not easy for most women, if I need to start it up again in August, I will do so smiling, because it has been doing the job of tumor reduction. And that's what I need. Please read my signature lines.

I am using and will continue to use nutrition and my healthcare team to stay alive and I plan to become healthy again. I am alive today because I took chance that chemo just might be able to help.

If you are Stage 4, please feel free to pm me.

Hugs, Katie

Hi, please could you let me know how you got on with your treatment as I am about to start same thankyou lesley