Stenosis severe

Hello ladies,

I’m a bit of an imposter here having had a stage 2b gynae cancer 8.5 yrs ago but have a very limited support network due to the rarity. Treatment 6weeks of chemoradiation (with Cisplatin).

Anyways I am feeling very lonely with the aftermath of the treatment leaving me totally unable to have penetrative sex of any kind due to stenosis and feeling quite alone living like this. And I mean totally unable. I have a wonderful and understanding husband of ten years. On the one hand I am hoping to find someone who understands but at the same time hoping I don’t find anyone having to live with this heartbreaking side effect.

Love and warmth

Weathergirl X

Can't relate to what you are going through in any way but didn't want to not post after reading your post.  Your very brave thought are with you..xxxxxx

So kind to leave a message - thank you xx

Don't be lonely, we're here for you whatever the reasons/circumstances for finding us! All in it together! Much love and woop for the 8.5 years cancer free xxx

Thank you <3 - it has been a long journey with plenty of ups and downs and having had a 50/50 chance of survival I am very fortunate to be here. Thank you for your kind words x

Hiya :-)

In NO WAY are you an imposter :-) I am four years post treatment and still hang around here every day :-) Mine has not been described as stenosis but certainly penetrative sex became more painful than fun, and it's no fun when you are both having to be so careful and gentle. Anyway, we have given up sex altogether now almost two years ago. My husband, naturally, is very sad about this, and I am too, though I have no sexual urges so it doesn't bother me quite as much as it does him. Only yesterday we were talking about throwing out the dressing up box, which will be a very sad day. You'll find that there are more conversations along these lines in the 'relationships' section, but that section moves much less quickly than this one :-)


With love :-)