Radycal hysterectomy and ovarie removal

So due to go in for radical hysterectomy on the 13th February due to a cancellation (ahhh)
But my question is should i have my ovaries removed or not?
Im 44, 45 in march but as im not menopausal yet ive been given the choice of keeping them or not.
Im not sure what to do and have my pre op this week coming so not much time to decide.
Any of you ladies kept yours and had problems or had removed and had problems? Any advice gratefully recieved. Xxx

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I’m in the same boat, although my surgery was pencilled in for 15th feb and I’ve just been advised it will now not be happening until March. I’m a complete mess.

I’m not quite 40 but leaning towards having them removed, I don’t want the risk of having to have more surgery x

Bless ya hun what a nightmare, hope they dont cancel mine, ive just been out today and bought nighties, comfy bras, jogging bottoms peppermint tea and fibrogel.

Im still so confused on if to keep my ovaries, i keep changing from one min to the other.
I hate making decisions lol.

I wouldn’t have thought they would at this stage.

I’m just doing that myself, plus tiny toiletries. I was going with massive pants but though paper ones might be a good idea for the first few days. Kicking myself as I only recently did a giant pant clear out from after my C-section x

Hi Tubsar

I am 12 weeks post radical hysterectomy having been diagnosed with stage 1b1 adeno/neuroendrocrine mixed tumour (pre hysterectomy, restaged as 1b2 post hysterectomy).

I had mine removed, i had the weekend to decide but given the increase in risk of recurrence/spread to the ovaries which was more increased because of the neuroendrocine element it made more sense to me to have mine removed. Im under 40 and have children but fully appreciate that this isnt the same for everyone and my decision, i felt, was a little easier based on the fact I had family whilst if I hadnt then that would have been a significantly harder decision.

Although it felt like a rushed decision at the time (i was lucky enough to be sent straight in for my op due to the rarity of the tumour) ive fully made peace with it now and had done by the time i went in for the op.

I think for me, i just thought will i ever find peace against the fear of recurrence/spread if i didnt have them removed and ultimately i decided i couldnt/wouldn’t be able to.

Im on HRT now until i am 51, i have night sweats and an increase in migraines but other than that i seem to be coping ok on the patches. It is such a personal decision and a difficult one and unfortunately we dont know what symptoms/side effects we may face.

I hope my experience gives you some help, however small and sending you best wishes for your op x

I had a radical hysterectomy 2013 - ovaries left in .
Unfortunately in 2015 I had recurrence to the ovary. Recurrence to the ovaries is apparently very rare but it obviously can happen.
I’ve been 7 years NED and now another recurrence to the lung .
You have to do what’s best for you but I wanted to share my story as I don’t think I was given enough information Re: sparing ovaries and risks of recurrence at the time.
Good luck x

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Decided last minute to have my ovaries removed rather than risk further surgery plus do i really need them at 45.
3 days post op and doing ok got sent home last night.
How u getting on?


Glad to hear you’re doing ok and are home already, 1 less thing to worry about I say.

Not doing great, after my surgery getting pushed back 2 weeks I’ve just seen that their will be nursing strikes starting the day of my OP, these will now include cancer care so more waiting and uncertainty. So I’m sat trying not to sob before bedtime

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Oh bless ya. Fingers crossed u dont get cancelled and it will all be done before u know it.

@Tubsar (only just worked out I can tag)

I’ve spoken to a nurse today who said they should be continuing but will be a wait and see approach and to still attend my pre-op tomorrow.

How are you feeling today?

Fingers crossed for u.
Im ok just tender and tired and starting to get bored but being good and resting.

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Hoping you’re feeling better still today, it won’t be long until you’re up and about. Not quite the same but I think I tried to go for a walk 2 weeks post c-section, maybe would’ve done better if I’d let someone else take the pram

Hiya how u doing? Habe u had your surgery yet?
I had my appointment with consultant wednesday and im healing well and had the best news ever they got everything so no further treatment so just regular check ups for 3 years. My first is in july.
Managed to.make it to local shop near me yesterday, its hard going and im really slow but getting there. Xxx

@Tubsar Had my surgery 11 days ago. Wasn’t the best experience and I was in hospital longer than I’d hoped for but home now and slowly getting there.

That’s great news, so glad to hear that.

Yes getting back to normal speed takes a while, I’m going to aim to take a walk on Thursday and hope for the best xxx

Oh bless ya, glad its finally done for you.
Take it easy and just do slow walks to begin with as someone said to me you got to get back too so i always remember that.
Im gradually doung more and more in house, planning on doing some well needed sorting out, i figure i can sit and do that.might as well make use of my time at home. My consultant said i needed 12 weeks off work as i clean caravans so its heavy work. Xxx

Nobody mentioned how long I’d need off, it is desk work but I’m not ready yet. Problem with time off is not wanting to go back. I usually only take 2 weeks off a year and I’ve almost had that already :sob:

How u getting on now?
U had your final results yet?
Im doing ok, doing more and more walking, managed school run both ways last week.
Now got a bit of a weeping scar so going to make appointment tomorrow at docs just to check it. Xxx

@Tubsar much better now, still getting tire and sore with a weird feeling inside but at least I can go out or spend time out of bed.

I got my results, clear margins and no lymph node involvement so just 3 monthly check-ups for now.

I’m hoping I’ll be driving again at the end of the holidays so I can do some of the school runs when they go back.

Best to get it checked out, after my C-section my incision did get infected, I worry about it this time as I can’t see it due to the swollen tummy above

How are you feeling? xx

Thats good.
Id get some weird pulling and stretching feelings but i guess it all healing happening inside.
I can see my scar(well most of it as i have an overhang from section and im not a small girl) as they done abdominal down from just above belly button to just bellow my section scar, ive now got an inverted cross on me lol.
I cant drive so could only get out in friends cars or walking so good to be more mobile now.
Im glad things going well with you and u got the all clear yay. Just lots of being bugged for 3 years as my consultant said lol.
Fingers crossed it isnt but better to be safe with theses things aint it.
How did they do your incision?
I got my hrt last week too as was starting to get menopause symptoms, not noticed huge difference yet. But fingers crossed.

@Tubsar Totally inconvenient but necessary, shame they can’t issue magic wands though.

Mine is transverse, they went through my old scar tissue from my C-section, which was incredibly painful. So glad that’s over.

I was sent home with HRT but waited until last week to start them, i had nightmares so stopped but decided to give them another go today. I really don’t want them but my consultant was quite insistent. Xxx