POSITIVE STORIES: Share Your Good News

Hi ladies,

I was diagnosed as stage 3 and am starting my third week of treatment today. I’d love to gather a thread of positive news and stories for myself and others to read. I’m not sure if this has been done previously, but I couldn’t find one when I searched.

My mind often wanders to the “what ifs”, but then I have to bring myself back to the fact that so many of you incredible women have gone through this and come out the other side - with positive outcomes. I have to trust that the treatment works.

What stage were/are you? Are you NED now? How long? Did something amazing happen to you through this process? What’s something we can look forward to after diagnosis and treatment? I’d love to hear your positive stories and experiences, no matter how big or small.


Hi Kittycat

Just finished 4 brachy (interstitial) for 1b3/2b (my radiation oncologist doesn’t agree with my gyno oncologist weird, right?) endocervical Adenocarcinoma 3 weeks ago.

Anyway hells yeah I’m finished!!
It was so incredibly intense but it’s over and I’m totally in love with my radiation team who treated me like family. I came to find out that every last one of them is either a cancer survivor, or has been affected by cancer in their family. I swear one of my radiation techs was giving me reiki each time I got the external beam radiation & when I was finally finished with my last brachy we all had tears flowing. Happy tears. This is such a very tough thing & the love & support wherever you can find it is golden. We are all in this crazy world together & cancer diagnosis & treatment can bring you huge gratitude deep down and appreciation for each beautiful moment we share. Not to be outrageously Pollyanna but ah well, that’s my moment of positivity :sparkles:

Now let’s hear from some bad ass survivors! (Although there’s no such thing in my mind as facing cancer and not becoming a bad ass regardless of the outcome) :clap::clap::clap:



I’m sending you lots of hugs and healing vibes.

I’ve recently completed 6 weeks of treatment for stage 3C1: chemotherapy, radiotherapy and brachytherapy. Even although I’m experiencing a lot of side effects, I agree with the previous post. The NHS staff were absolutely and utterly outstanding!! I was treated so well by every person in the building who worked there. I also met the most amazing patients throughout my 6 weeks and attending the hospital every week day became easier by meeting so many warriors!
I practiced gratitude every day, three things in the morning that I was grateful for. Clean drinking water, warm home, good support, medication to help my side effects like BPPV, fresh air, and anything I could be grateful for. I still practice this daily as often we get caught up in what we don’t have, rather than what we do. Appreciation of kind people, free treatment in UK, my support system this all helped me.

I rang the end of treatment bell 2 weeks ago, and I’m not going to lie my side effects have been tough but I was so emotional and I made it through the past 6 weeks, in fact I made it through the past 4 months from biopsy to end of treatment. I have affirmed every morning and evening ‘I am cancer free/NED’ and I am convinced that I will be. I will allow my body to recover and then starting a healthy diet to reduce chances of cancer returning (‘How to starve cancer out of your body’).

My point is there are so many points in our journeys to be grateful and thankful for. We are all warriors at each stage, we all are amazing and whilst it’s not easy we hopefully have points each day to appreciate ourselves, staff, tge people we meet and hopefully support from somewhere.

I will have my NED in over two months, Im convinced of this. You take care and lets hear more good stories absolutely!! These realky do help and encourage people xxx


I did put my story on here a while ago but for you my darlings again. I had cervical cancer 5 years ago and I had two dodgy lymph nodes as well as the tumour and they were behind my spine so my consultant was worried about those. I had chemo,radiation and Braccy. My life as yours will be was scary and full of waiting for results which was the worst. I had the treatment in Jan and Feb 2018 and had been diagnosed in Nov 2017. In July 2018 the damn tumour and lymph nodes were gone and I was the happiest bunny in town. 5 years later still gone and should be signed off very soon. So a positive story and I can hopefully advise on anything. While having the treatment be your own best friend and treat yourself to little walks , Aveeno body lotion , boxed sets and eat and drink that weird stuff you crave. Mine was salmon sandwiches and salt and vinegar crisps ! You have to think as positively as you can . This forum is great to help you. Good luck and much love to you all xxx


Thanks so much for sharing your story and positive outcome. What stage were you? Love that you’re hitting that amazing 5 year mark!!

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Stage 3 … can’t remember full title but had some nasty lymph node stuff going on, They were blasted. It’s silly to say I enjoyed the experience but ndid meet some awesome people who are friends even now and I’m more humble and never take life for granted anymore.



I was diagnosed with stage 3c cervical cancer late July last year and by the 26th October 22 I had completed 20 sessions of radiotherapy, 5 sessions of radiotherapy and two 17hr sessions of Brachytherapy. I have to say that I feel I was very lucky and apart from tiredness and only fancying certain foods I did okay and took myself off to hospital on my own 90% of the time.

At the end of January I had my 3 month follow up PET and MRI scan. At this stage I was sceptical as I was having pelvic and back pain again. So I wasn’t surprised when I received a call from the consultant earlier than my planned appointment. I was told that the scans had shown that the tumour was still there with an area of suspicion. On the positive the cancer had not spread, gone from my lymph nodes and the tumour had shrunk to half the size, still 3.5cm.

The outcome of this was to be referred to a surgical oncologist for biopsies. If there was cancer still there I could be offered a Pelvic Exenteration. On the lead up to my biopsy appointment I had resigned myself to having the life saving /changing operation.

Roll on 5 weeks since my scans I was in hospital for biopsies. I was the first of many ladies to go to theatre that day and I was back on the ward within 45 minutes. This is when I started to believe that miracles can happen. The nurse looking after me explained that the surgeon could not come to see me himself as he was still in theatre but his notes showed that there was no tumour to take biopsies from so he took them from my cervix. Although I could of shouted from the rooftops I needed to hear it from the horses mouth and know the results from the biopsies.

1 week on again on an impromptu weekend away to quietly celebrate with my husband I had another call this time from the surgeon oncologist himself. It was true the tumour had gone and the biopsies were clear.

I am still a little bit in shock nearly 2 weeks later.

I am so grateful to every single person that I have encountered on my journey they have all been amazing and I can not for one minute fault the NHS in my experience.

I am so lucky that my side effects are minimal a little bit of bladder leaking, the occasional loose bowel and sex is still a bit painful but this is not stopping me plan lots and lots of weekends away in our motorhome over the summer and planning some winter sun holidays. Oh and returning to work in two weeks. I am so grateful for life it is so precious.



I love this post, what a fab idea!
Believe me when I tell you I’ve spent hours trailing this forum for any and every positive story! :joy:
I was diagnosed stage 3C2 in June 2021 and finished the usual treatment (chemo, radiation, brachy) in September of that year. I’ve had my fair share of post treatment side effects but my most recent scan shows I am clear :pray:t3: for me, it has been much tougher mentally than it was physically but it is getting better with time. Always happy to answer any questions!


How did you find Brachytherapy? I’m scared to have it because of all the side affects?

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I worried about it for so long and had really worked myself up over it. But honestly, it was nowhere near as bad as I was expecting. I found it more manageable than the chemo and radiotherapy because I was really wiped out with that. The worst part was having to lie flat on my back all day and night. I had plenty painkillers and the procedure itself was pain free. The fear of the unknown is real, but you can and will get through it!

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Was it painful? And I believe you have to insert something to stretch your vagina back to a normal shape?

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When you wake up from having the rods inserted they will have given you strong painkillers and they give you them regularly throughout the day. I could tell when the painkillers were wearing off and it was uncomfortable but I wouldn’t say painful. When they hook you up to the brachytherapy machine that is completely painless. The removal of the rods was the part I was most worried about but I asked for painkillers an hour before, and then gas and air for the procedure. That was painful but not as bad as I expected and it’s over within a minute. Once I had my first round of brachy I felt completely fine having the second round, it’s just the fear of the unknown!

You will get dilators to use after your treatment. I didn’t have any issues with them except they were a chore to use! I was told that if you’re having regular sex then you don’t need to use them.

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What do you mean by rods being inserted ??

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Hi… I too think this is a brilliant idea as when we start on this journey we scour everywhere for stories of hope. I was diagnosed with Stage 3C1 and finished the treatment in March 2022. I have just had the results of my 1 year MRI scan since the end of treatment and am so happy to say I am still showing no evidence of any disease. I also had to have a lung nodule monitored for the best part of 2022 but thankfully it was just a slight area of scarring and no longer needs monitoring… I know there’s a way to go but for now just want to shout yippee from the rooftops!!


What a brilliant idea i wasthe same when i started this jorney google is your worst enemy. I was diagnosed with stage 1b2 radical hysterectomy and lynth nodes removed. I then changed stages to stage 3 . Had 5 weeks radio and chemo last treatment was nov 2022 And i am not clear of cancer . You can do it ladies . Im 32 2 children and i did it with my children not knowing a thing . Any questions ladies if i know j will answer. Stay strong you have got this .xx


Hey! I was diagnosed with 2B cervical cancer in March 2018. I go for my 5 year check up next month. I had 28 radiotherapy. 4 brachytherapy and cisplatin. Feeing positive about my future and my team are happy with my progress :slight_smile:


Hi everyone, I’ve been so relieved to see this thread thank you to the lovely lady who created it and to all the rest of you positive inspiring ladies who continued it…
I am 39 with 3 year old twins I’m currently goin through treatment at Belfast city hospital for stage 3c1 Cervical cancer. I am number 3 chemo complete and today number 12 of 28 radiation completed I know I will be getting some brachy too which I dread so much that I barely know what it intales. I travel almost 2 hrs daily to and from the hospital Mon to Fri it’s so difficult currently having alot of tummy and bowel issues it’s tough I never thought I’d be a lady of 39 so unwell and sometimes incontinent but hey here we are getting on with it stopping enroute at random bathrooms or toilets some so stinky but prob lot more stinky when I leave lol anyway I try to keep positive but because of my two little responsibilities I get the most horrible fears of death , this week I shared chemo room with two brave lovely beautiful woman I don’t even know their names but I do know that they had been in receiving treatment for the second time in recent years for cancer it’s really scared me I’m so worried that even if I get cure this time im petrified to have to go through this again or worse die, finding this chat thread tonight will hopefully help me and settle me for a good zzzz coz I definitely need it. Another point I’m sure most of you will agree yes the staff are absolutely amazing friendly living people but doesn’t the nicest people ever in the world have cancer , it’s unbelievable how many lovely humans I have crossed paths with at the hospital and u kno they are so nice and healthy looking it’s crazy sometimes to sit and people watch and see so many friendly people who look so fit and healthy that has cancer.
Anyway I guess I’ve joined into chat to say thanks and be part of this lovely positive feed thank u all and keep me in your thoughts and prayers so I can get to the end of this treatment with a Cure I will do the same for you all … Lots of love from Londonderry northern Ireland xxxx


Hi Hope 3! So you are almost halfway through your treatment. I definitely had major diarrohea (not spelled right) from week 3 to the end of radiotherapy but the medical team gave me loperamide and I used to take 1 as if I took 2 it would take me to the other extreme!! I found it worked very well so talk to your team about any issues you may be having. That is a long way to travel every day but believe me, it will be worth it and don’t worry about the brachytherapy. It really isn’t as bad as it sounds. Well done for getting this far and from here it will pass really quickly now. Keep up the good work xxx


Just thought I would share my story (although I have kept a post) I was diagnosed March 2022 with 2b squamous cell, tried doing a cancer research trial but I couldn’t complete it so had the standard chemo radiation and bracky (which isn’t as scary as people think!) at 3 months I had a little bit left so I had another scan at 6 months and although still shrinking there was a 1cm bit left, it might of eventually gone who knows but my consultant said I would have a total pelvic exenteration, encouraged by my cns I questioned this as my cancer was always contained and never near lymph nodes, luckily I changed to a consultant surgeon who made me feel listened to, he did a biopsy and looked at my scans etc and said that a radical hysterectomy might be possible but wouldn’t know for certain until they tried.
At the start of this month I had a laparoscopic and open hysterectomy, radiation damage wasn’t to intense and it went better then expected, he removed more then normal to be safe.
He came to see me in person to tell me that my histology results came back with really good clear margins, it’s been a long year but I’m so happy to finally get good news! All our journeys are different but I hope this helps someone xx


Hi hope
I was treated at the same hospital for 2b adenocarcinoma and I’m glad to report I’m 4 years clear tomorrow. I had to do 3 hour drive daily but worked out where to stop along the way on the way home. It’s hard now but soon you will ring that bell and try and start to make sense of everything’s sending lots of love x